Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good Resolutions Reviewed

So last year at about the same time, I gave myself 7 goals for the year 2007. Lets review them shall we?
No1---Cook more, eat better (learn to cook bread)
Acheived?---Well, yes, yes indeed! Alright, I made pita bread....but still! Also, ate better, healthier food, and lost 20lbs! Greatness! Very proud.

No2--Clean Up apartment more often
Acheived?----Hmmm, 50% of the time, honestly. But that isn't so very important.....

No3--Stop seeking Love
Acheived?---Unless stop seeking love includes obssessing over impossible
guy, acting on impulse and raging lust and having a lousy one-night stand, which I swore
to myself I would never have....Then getting crushes after crushes over complicated men
and breaking some hearts, thus accumulating bad karma. I think I failed that one

No4---Stop feeling guilty about celebrity crushes
Are you kidding? Like I had time for celebrity crushes this year....Jeeeez! Still, I freely
admit my love for Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Liv Tyler, Tori Amos and Helena Bonham

N05--Work out in the fresh air 3-4 times a week
Acheived!---I walked home from work everytime I could in the good weather.

N06--Comb cats a day out of two
Oh my GOD! FAILED! I even forgot about that one. Poor Timine! Getting all those knots.
I'm an aweful kitty-mommy!

No7--Paint and draw more....
Well...I did one good painting which am proud of, and I did it only a few days ago.
Worked for books, but I don`t think that really counts....Will try again next year.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Todd, Sweeney Todd

Anyone who knows me the slightest bit knew I wanted to see this movie since I learned of it's making. I mean, a Tim Burton film? Great! With Johhny Depp?Awesome! *And* Helena Bonham Carter in yet another crazy costumed role? Sold! SOLD!

Let me tell you, it did not dissapoint.The quirckiness and strange feel of Burton's productions. The dark, moody sets almost all in shades of blue black and whites. Making the blood red really shocking whenever it graces the screen.

The weird characters, even though you could almost have taken Johhny and Helena straight from the set of Edward Scissor Hands and the latest Harry Potter, were beautiful. I just kept taking in the details of every dress she wore. The delicate black lace, the corsets, the petticoated skirts...the wild hair!!! So gorgeous. Now I won't spoil anything, but place all that gothicness, complete with snow-white skin and black eye makeup, and throw them into a sunny, shiny beach-set, and you've got the most awesomely contrasting images ever immortalized on film.

Of course, there were songs. And lots of them. And not all of them riveting. And not all voices were particularly fun the listen too (I'm looking at you Joahnna). But most people walked in knowing that it was a re-make of a Broadway musical. OF COURSE there are gonna be songs to explain everything!
Still, in the first 10 minutes of the movie, you could hear audience members groaning at every first notes of a song. At least 30 people walked out around the fourth one. I don't understand people. Honestly! No scratch that! I don't understand teenagers, and I never will. Because all of them were kids

So lots of blood, could have been a little subtler with the throat cutting and blood's really my only complain. After two throats have been split right in your face, splashing towards the audience in all it's non-realistic glory, you kind of get the point already. No need to have 10 random more.

It was disturbing, dramatic, but still funny and morbidly beautiful in other places. So I reccomend it, and I will see it again.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Look what I got!!

Sometimes, it is really hard to find an appropriate gift.

Especially when it's for someone you don't know a whole lot like a school teacher...or say...a daycare educator. But it's still the tradition it seems to bring a little token of appreciation.

So from experience, the most popular "neutral items" are soap, candles, various candy and lately Bamboo arrangements. When all else fails, a Mall's Gift card. I always like that last one, I have to admit.

This year, I was pleasantly surprised though...inside a little red bag that I was sure contained a jasmine-blossom scented candle, I found this instead:

My God, isn't that the cutest little mug ever?! It fits in the palm of my hand. And most importantly, it contains a little bag of Belgian chocolate shavings and a recipe to make hot-cocoa out of it. I'm in love!
It's probably the least expensive gift I got this year, but it's clearly the one I love the most. Goes to show that often, less is more. It's the originality that counts.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why? How?

Sometimes I really wonder how my brain works.
I never liked Ashley Simpson. She annoys me immensely. Her songs never got to me at all.
And then I see this new video of hers, and I can't stop watching it...again and again and again.....

Maybe it's because it reminds me of Gwen Stephani's video for What You Waiting For??
The Dali inspired background?
I just got this instant fascination for the fancy top hat, green dress wearing brunette Ashley, sitting and dancing on a floating giant Rubik cube. How out there and cool is that? The image is just something that works for me and keeps me coming back to the weird video. Perhaps it will even inspire a painting....I haven't painted anything in months!

So here is the link...beware, the tune is pretty catchy too, the kind that gets stuck in your head whether you like it or hate it. Ayayayayaya

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Your Woman

Does anyone know "Whitetown"? I don't, really, but I knew that one song back in the days, and today I've found the video, and I'm in love. The song itself has got some pretty great lyrics, but the video makes it even better. (Love the girl's hat)
I always thought it was funny that the singer, who is of course a man, sings from the woman's point of vue.

Your Woman

Just tell me what you've got to say to me
I've been waiting for so long to hear the truth
It comes as no surprise at all you see
So cut the crap and tell me that we're through

Now I know your heart, I know your mind
You don't even know you're being unkind
So much for how your highbrow Marxist ways
Just use me up and then you walk away
Boy you can't play me that way

Well I guess what you say is true
I could never be the right kind of girl for you
I could never be your woman

When I saw my best friend yesterday
She said she never liked you from the start
Well me, I wish that I could claim the same
But you always knew you held my heart

Your such a charming hansome man
Now I think I finally understand
Is it in your genes? I don't know
But I'll soon find out, that's for sure
Why did you play me this way?

Well I guess what they say is true
I could never spend my life with a man like you
I could never be your woman

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Recognizing our Strenghts

If there is one thing I am proud of, it's my ability to forget pretty quickly.

When there is still hope, I will dwell and hurt over something pretty intensely. I'm very emotional that way. Sucky love songs make me bawl when I'm in that state.

But when it becomes clear that a cause is just lost and hopeless, I'll not mourn for weeks and eat buckets of ice-cream while crying.
I like my mind like I like my apartment: un-messy and clear. And luckily, it is easily clear-able. Facts put all in order, good memories kept, bads in the trash, priorities and feelings redefined, a few bitching Tori Amos songs and a good night's sleep and I'm good and ready to leave everything messy behind and welcome new possibilities.
Life really is too short to waste it on useless worries. It's good to be myself again!

Also, I went to see "I am Legend" this afternoon. And it was the best movie I've seen in a long time. Very nearly cried twice....and movies these days are rarely making me cry.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

8 AM Realisation

OH MY GOD! I've become Bridget Jones again!
Over-analysing, pathetic spinster Bridget, foolishly expecting her Daniel Cleaver character will change into a Marc Darcy type.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Laughing to cure anxiety

Our community is privileged enough to have a wonderful Santa Clause at our local mall. He really is great and authentic looking. You'd swear he's the real thing, and people travel from pretty far to come and visit Rosemere's Santa. With his real white beard and very blue eyes and rosy skin. What is awesome, is that he has the ability to not freak kids out.

So for me, having a cool Santa is kind of a normal occurrence, I had no idea, when I visited a Blog this afternoon, that some poor kids are not that lucky.

Just take a look at that priceless picture, captioned: Reindeer-breath Santa

Oh my God! I still have tears in my eyes and my stomach hurts from all the weirdo and plain fucked-up Santas out there. Head over to Suburban Turmoil for more gems such as St-Tropez Santa, Ritalin Santa, Hangover and Most Wanted Santas. You'll not regret it!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Suede you always felt like suede
There are days I feel your twin peekaboo hiding underneath your skin.

And this.
Has power over me.
Not because you feel something or don't feel something for me but because.
So big. It can swallow swallow her whole star intact.

Call me 'evil' call me 'tide is on your side'
Anything that you want.
Anybody knows you can conjure anything by the dark of the moon.

They are frayed and I fear.
My fear is greater than my faith but I walk. the missionary way.
You always felt like suede

Oh little sister, I hoped you wouldn't feel that way
Oh little sister I wished you wouldn't feel that way
Call me 'evil' little sister.
I guess I'd do the same.
Little sister.
You'll forgive me one day.

-----Tori (Goddess)Amos

Monday, December 03, 2007


This morning, the radio woke me up with the news that we were expecting 25+ cm of snow complete with flurries in the next 24 hours.
Welcome to Monday morning!
I could almost hear kids everywhere screaming for joy. Of course, every school around is closed and there is plenty of snow to play in all day. An early Holiday, a gift from the heavens!

But as an adult, it's more like this. Get up at 6AM anyway, look at the pretty snow but admiration quickly fades to terror when it dawns on you that you will have to go out there very soon.
Bundle up in your biggest, most water/wind proof coat. End up looking like a purple and lilac Kenny from Southpark with your hood on as tight as you can.
Miserably walk through a feet or more of snow all the way to the bus stop, because the plow hasn't been on your street yet. All the while staring at your feet to protect your hooded face from the millions of tiny icy knives aiming for your skin.
And then waiting longer then usual with cold feet because people obviously drive like snails in that much snow. Already starting to imagine how the return home will be with twice as much of the white stuff to brave.

This is the reality of winter as adults. And then we innocently wonder why kids love winter and most adults hate it. That is why! Because we live in a foolish society who doesn't work with nature. We try to fight it. And this is a mad attitude.
In a rational, sane society, when 15 cm or more snow, or say an ice storm would be expected, we would all react appropriately and know that we could all just stay in bed and have a quiet family day at home. Nature is telling us to stay inside and relax a bit. Enjoy the prettiness of it all.
Snow storm? Everyone is encouraged, no, required to stay home with a blanket and hot cocoa. Every business is closed for the day. And that is that. It would save us so many miseries.

And then they ask themselves why so many people throw their sorry selves in front of the subway train in winter....

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Well, I guess I must get used to the idea. I'm really not that good with keeping plants alive. A sorry excuse for a Kitchen Witch I am.
I really thought I could do it this year. I brought in all the herbs I had grown on my balcony through summer before it became too cold. And for a month or two they looked fines. I took good care of them. (I even talked to those who looked poorly, to my embarassment.)

But now it's December 1th, and I really think that Basil and English Lavender are loosing their fight against indoors life. It really is a tragedy, I never had great hopes for Lavender , but the Basilic was thriving only days ago! I even used a few leaves on a pizza, and now it's withering.
And the little Lavender plant is drying up quickly, even if I water it and talk to it, and switch it's in it's last days. And I'm trying to decide if I should just end their misery and throw them away along with the garbage this morning.

I should put up my christmas decorations this weekend anyway, so the hole in my life won't be empty too long...
Damn! I was really hoping on fresh Basil this winter!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


It's been a while since I've talked of Tori Amos. I missed her show when she came to Montreal recently ,and I was too ashamed to blog about it.
But her tour is almost over now, and I found tons of photos of Tori as the Doll Posse. That woman makes me want to raid a wig store!

Tori (or T)--the stereotype of how the general public sees Tori Amos. Very red-headed and slightly crazy woman who is often found humping a piano-bench.

Then there's Clyde. Brownish-messy hair. The introvert artist type that I can relate with. But who's apparently a bit boring as a showgirl. I can't find good onstage pictures of poor Clyde.

Isabel--The political, pot-smoking part of Tori. Who sings about Bush and wars. She's one of the two blond dolls. Rather cool.

Pip---The Freaky/Emo one. Black hair, black clothes, the work. She is the part of Tori that made her become crazy and mad onstage. Screaming like a banshee in the middle of a song. She has been seen pointing a gun at her neck and rubbing a butcher knife along her thigh onstage. A real case. She must have been an interesting one to see for sure.

I kept the best for last----Santa. The platinum blond. I honestly didn't like her much when I first saw her on the CD. She looked like a stuck-up beotch. But now, I love the hair, love the dresses and shoes. And the attitude. She's the traditional sexy one. The one who doesn't care as long as she has the perfect lipstick shade. I would have loved to see Santa in a show. She poured drinks on stage and had the coolest songs.

Living Life

Yes, I figured that since we may all have only four years to live, let's live life at it's fullest!

I don't want to take the chance to leave this place without having done everything I really want to do. So let's start with something small. I never wear pigtails, because it looks childish on me, and I have come to accept that I don't have the kind of face to wear them graciously.

But today, I'm proud "pigtail-ed cabbage-patch kid". Yes I am. And I will even show you all.

Look, I even got an eye infection there on the left. And yet, I still post that photo. Be free!

The worst that could happen is that 2012 will just be another year, and I'll be a very accomplished 30 years old.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


A while ago, I heard about the Mayans and their calendar ending in the year 2012. I found it middly interesting, but quickly forgot about it.
Then I heard that Confussius predicted the World's End in 2012. And so those two thoughts went in a out of my mind from time to time with a bit of thinking about "What ifs", but nothing more. I don't like to think of the End. The religion I grew up in made me obssess about it for a good part of my life, and now I like to appreciate the daily pleasures of life as they come.

I mean who cares if it DOES happen really? I'm not too keen on becoming senile and sick and I don't even want to think about seeing my parents grow old. So in a way, it would be positive to go in a spectacular way along with our planet. As long as it's fast.
But then I love life. And I sure haven't done everything that I want to do with it. So this page here has got me slightly worried.
What do you all think about it?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Winter Makeover

It's been snowing and raining in a messed-up kind of way here in Quebec.
So I figured I'd put up my winter environment on my blog already. It's started!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Wow! I finally got Tagged by someone (thanks Roxane!)

Rules of the Game:
Once you have been tagged, you must write a blog containing 10 weird, random things, (facts, habits or goals) about yourself. At the end, select 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and the reason you chose them. Send them a message ("You're It") and instruct them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.

1.Life without music would make me insane

2.I have a tendency to always imagine myself doing something before I ever do it.

3.I need alone time like I need air: I am a happy and proud Introvert.

4.My Goddess archetypes are Hestia and Persephone.

5.I dislike six-packs in man, woman or beer form.

6.In high-school I was a complete geek and I wore salmon-colored leggings.

7.Grocery shopping is a relaxing and enjoyable ritual to me.

8.I still haven't figured out how Brad Pitt and Pamela Anderson can be considered sexy.

9.Sometimes, I get incontrolable Sushi cravings.

10. I will probably not TAG 10 other people, because I simply don't know that many people who blog. And I don't feel guilty about it either.

So, I TAG....

A) My lil' sis---because she has a blog and will like this.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The virtues of originality

I went to a coffee shop this afternoon. It was the kind of cute little place when you can go talk with a group or simply be alone, reading a book.
You can tell this haven is a corner away from the local College, because the majority of the costumers are evidently college students, doing homework or group projects. Now how do I know they are students? Yes, there are the books.

But I noticed today a strange trend.
College boys, at least 90% of those I saw there, have the same style. You can tell the main goal is to be original and outside the norm and non-conformist.

So I'm having a hard time understanding why the vast majority of them wear a beard, long hair, wool shirts (a few layers of them) and the occasional hippy-looking scarf and peircings . It's like the college-boy's uniform for the free-spirit artist. So much for being original. Or maybe I'm being judgemental here and they simply are too poor to afford a rasor and and haircut??

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hilarious Sillyness

If unlike me, you have been a lucky enough child. Your parents probably read you sweet bedtime stories of fairies and princesses.
If you are like me though, you had very religious parents (father) and the stories you got to send you to sleep talked of angry god and the perversity of the world.
If that was your case, you will probably enjoy this little cartoon more then anyone else. So there is an up-side to being a traumatised child....I seriously couldn't stop laughing, because I know that it's basically how to story goes, and it's freaking hilarious to notice all the details.

If you don't know anything about the Bible, it's still super funny, and if you are a Bible-beleiver with a sense of humor, well you'll like it too!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tea Salons

Yesterday evening, I went on a fun city escapade with a girl I've been talking to online for quite a long time.
It was nice to meet in person for the first time, sometimes I forget how agreable it can be to speak face to face with new people. Maybe that's because I usually don't connect with the vast majority of those I meet. I was surprised at how well it went and how fast the evening flew by. This doesn't happen a lot.

She took me to a very pretty little Tea Salon in Montreal.
We don't have those over here. The setting was so nice and cosy. It was a rather small place with little tables and pretty red paper lamps. Ancient looking tiny teapots and cups everywhere. We shared a yummy tea, I can't remember it's name but it was good. (We were both set on Chai Tea, but according to the waitress, Chai isn't *real* tea. Well I'll be damned!)
I just adored the way it was presented to us on a wooden plateau with our own little brown teapot and cups that had oriental symbols at the bottom. It felt like when I was a child playing Tea Party with my dolls.

I'm actually very proud of myself, I managed to take the Subway back without getting lost even once, thank god for the maps.
Cities are fun, hip and all, but I'm happy with my quiet suburban life and appreciate the pretty lights and boutiques and Tea Salons occasionaly on weekends. I guess I'm a country girl at heart!

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Dangers of Tofu

Don't get me wrong.
Tofu is amazing for our health, it's full of veggie proteins and whatnots, you can make it taste whatever you like and it has few calories. I love Tofu. Tofu is awesome.

But be warned. If said block of nutritious tofu is left forgotten at the back of the fridge for two weeks. It will turn a delicate shade of rosy-green speckled with light grey. Also, it will scent your entire fridge with a delightful aroma of pure *EVIL*!

I kid you not, if you need an easy solution to your evening chocolate cravings. Keep a rancid piece of tofu in your fridge and smell when needed. Foul!

Farewell pumpkins

Yep, the pumpkins and masks have been stored away until next year.

And since there is no way I will go the "Mall-way" and fetch the Yule tree on November 1th, the blog and my apartment will remain simple and Zen until December.

It's a good idea really, it makes me appreciate the specialness of Holidays even more. I can live without the colors and glitters and warmth and pretty, pretty ornaments for a few days....I can resist the Mall's temptation and the call of Christmas. I definitely can...can I?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Good and the Bad

Celebrities. They may say they are just like us, but they are a weird kind.

It seems like some of them are at least still getting what is the spirit of Halloween.
As much as it has become princess day for little girls, it appears that for a lot of adult women, Halloween is just another excuse to dress even sluttier then they usually do.

This is why I feel the need to congratulate Neil Patrick Harris....and...*gasp* Ashley Olsen. Because they have truly freaky costumes. Especially that Harris guy. That evil clown will hunt my nightmares for awhile.
And to prove my point, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, who else. Those pictures hurt my eyes and make me laugh at the same time. Seriously?? Spears is a millionaire, and she picks the trashiest, cheapest looking cat-whore costume she can find. I'm puzzled.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Samhain/Halloween 2007!

All this time thinking about and preparing that one day. And here it is.

I'll take the opportunity to write about Halloween day now, since I will most likely be caught up with a new project in days to come.

I promise to report it if anything strange should happen on All Souls Night though.....

First of all, here is what my Autumn-Faery costume looks like when it's done morphing into an Autumn-Witch. Honestly, I like it better like that. With the shirt and everything.
And yes, that tiny pumpkin *is* rotten on top. On Samhain day, I am a mean witch. I tempt you with spoilt foods.

Here is little bro's costume. Makeup by yours truly. I'm very proud of it actually. It doesn't show that well on the photo, but I found out that you can make realistic veins and bruises on pale skin using only purple and black.

Love him. He's becoming such a pretty boy. Isn't he? I'd kill for lips like his.

And finally, Halloween 2007's Disney-Princesses results.
Honestly I'm very proud of the kids this year. It actually looked like Halloween and not a royal congress of glitters and bows. We had a Snow White and Ariel. But also, to even things out a bit: a Ladybug, a Cow, an Elephant, some character from the movie "Cars", a darling little Witchlette...

And best of all: a 2 years old little boy who had a pumpkin costume at home but rebelled his way into coming with a Little mermaid crown.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Joy of Chai Tea

I'm just coming in from a short walk. The sun was almost set, but it still shone it's orange rays on my face, still somewhat warm. I didn't feel so cold even if the wind was chilly and the trees looked dead.

It always makes me so at peace and connected to go for a walk like that. 10 minutes, it's all I need. Just to feel the wind mess my hair and look at the clouds and enjoy the sun. (Or moon.)

Of course, it's always nice to have a mug of something warm after a walk, particularly in autumn.
May I suggest Chai Tea.
We all love Hot cocoa, it'll always be a classic, especially with those tiny marshmellows on top. But if you're up for something different, Chai is the way to go.
I know, I know, *Tea*, it can't be a real comfort drink, you'll say. Normally, you'd have any right to call me a Granola freakette.

But wait, and taste. Give it a chance.

According to the box, Chai Tea is basically a spiced tea. (Oriental, but that's just a wild guess of mine.)
So there is Tea, (Green or Black), cinnamon, ginger root, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon oil, clove, clove oil and cardamom oil. Add milk and a bit of sugar to that my friends, and you've got heaven in a cup.

I'm sure it must not be too hard to make the mix at home, but it would take experimenting. Maybe when I'm in the mood I'll try it....until then, I'll go buy a few more boxes...20 bags will be gone fast.

PS. I have no idea why, but the spellcheck program I was relying on is currently working in french only. So that means, mistakes are back. So very sorry, you poor courageous souls.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Even she...

Yes, even the Girl with the Pearl Earring is getting in the Samhain mood.
Here, she wears a beautiful venetian mask from Atelier Marega. Isn't she very stylish?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fun Link

New York is one crazy city...
Whenever I have a minute in the day, I go read bits of wisdom and weirdness from random New-Yorkers. It's good for your health to laugh.


Of course, the doll dress wasn't done before Sis' party. It could have been, but it's that darn case of perpetual lazy. And the lack of desire to sew all night after cold fall days with turbulent kids.

So I gathered what I had around the apartment and went as this:

I absolutely adore fall, so to go as some kind of autumn faery was very me. It can't be seen here, but I wore a long black dress and a beige braided suede belt (medieval-style) with leaves sewn on it. It was pretty cool. And easier then the doll. And I had so much fun with the makeup.

For daycare though, on actual Halloween day, I think I will recuperate the head-wear and fix it on a cool witch hat. (That I have yet to find, always true to myself.) And wear a long sleeved black shirt under the dress for modesty's sake. I always end up a witch anyway, but an autumn witch is new at least.

Speaking of daycare and witches, take a look at what the kiddies did today:

I swear some of them have very artistic tendencies. I strongly encourage to take a closer look, they are all so cool! 3 and 4 years old did this!

Also, what is up with the Moon? Every calendar I own mark tomorrow night as Full Moon night, and yet the Moon-phase calendar I've got here says that tonight she's 100% full...So what's the deal??

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Oh! I need to vent!

Sister's Halloween party will be sooner then we thought! 2 whole weeks sooner!
So that means I've got two nights and half a day to finish the patchwork on that dress, or my doll costume will be kind of pitiful, as I will have no choice to wear an everyday dress.

And I will end up looking like Rachel in that episode of Friends, who went to Phoebe's Halloween party dressed as a pregnant lady who really wants to wear that new dress she bought before her stomach grows too big. I don't want to be the girl who dresses in normal clothes complete with devil horns or a bunny tail. No, never.

So that means I'll be working twice as hard when I get home tonight. No more Miss Lazy ass. It's patchwork time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Halloween/Samhain 2007

Here's a sketch I did this weekend of what my costume should look like

I'm still going with the Sally look, only I was starting to stress myself about making it exactly like the character when no-one around me even knows what she's supposed to look like anyway. So it's modified Sally crossed with the Black Dahlia. If asked, I'll just say I'm a freaky Halloween doll. Maybe I'll add some of those very long, vintage-looking pearl necklaces too....and black lace....hmmm.

I was still looking for a cool wig, but now I know why stores like to insist on wigs and costumes being not refundable. Because they look nice and full and luxurious on the box, and then when you open them, they end up looking like a rat nest attached to a net. A cheap, balding rat nest.

So damn if I need to use a ton of hair products, I will do my own hair. And it will look fine. Most of the effect will be from the makeup anyway, which will be dramatic compared to my usual non-made-up face.

Oh, I haven't started the patch-dress yet. I really should...I feel so lazy, I just want to sink in my sofa with the biggest blanket and stare at the TV when I get home and it's cold like that outside.

GOD! I finally found there is a spellcheck on this blog!! Your eyes should bleed much less from now on!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Lily's Embarrassing Fact of the Day

On my IPod, between Tori Amos' "Cruel" and Loreena McKennitt's "Incantation" there is a song.

No, I can't claim that my little brother put it there....Yes, I uploaded it on purpose, yes I dance to it and even sing along. Yes I am aware that it is musical crap and I'm terribly ashamed to like Britney Spears' "Gimme More".

I needed to share the shame, I felt dirty keeping this little secret to myself.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Let's get started!

So I spent yesterday night shopping around for a long red wig. I would even have settled for orangey-red. But no. No, it appears that all people want are those short violent red ones complete with devil horns, or the over-priced Raggedy-Ann yarn ponytails

In desperation, I even went to D-Tox, one of those Emo/Goth shops with lots of stripes and chains and printed T-Shirts, because they sometimes carry Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise along with their Emily the Strange collections. I loathe going into that place, I feel like the center of attention, my week-day attire ( jeans, un-cool curly ponytail and sweatshirt ) being stared at by all those eyeliner-ed and spiked clerks. No red wig, even less a Sally wig.

So I started to lose hope, and thought I could go as the Black Dahlia instead...because you know, that would be rather cool, I would love walking around with bright red bloody slashes on both sides of my mouth, with the period costume and flower in my hair and all....
Then I remembered this would also have to double as daycare costume. Slightly too morbid and hard to explain to a group of toddlers. I don't think they'd fall for the explanation that I'm dressed as the girl who loves to eat lots of ketchup and make a mess.

So I'm back to Sally...I guess I'll have to just dye my hair red with Henna and straighten it. I was going to do that anyway, try Henna again....That or I'll find the courage to glue hundreds of long yarn pieces on a pantyhose bottom to make my own wig. I would doubt that, because I already need to make a patchwork dress, and that will be a work of saintly patience in itself.

What I can't wait for though, is to paint all those cool stitches all over myself. Fun!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Halloween is near!

Ah! My favorite Holiday!

October has me thinking of candies, pumpkins,costumes, Halloween parties...and of course, The Nightmare Before Christmas. I've been wanting to go as Sally for a few years now, but I never got to making that cool but difficult patchwork dress....and also I can't seem to find a long red wig....

But let's not start about costumes now, because this could go on forever. I wanted to pay a little tribute to my favorite Disney couple. Forget Snow White, Belle and their random boring princes.
Jack Skellington and Sally the Rag-doll are the best.
Their love story is so sweet and feels so real. The ending with them singing and kissing on that spiral hill almost makes me cry every time.
Maybe Sally reminds me of myself...because she's a creative loner, too shy to admit her feelings when she's in love. Or maybe because we both have a rather big calve-to-ankle ratio and a sizable bottom....
Sometimes I just find myself watching this child's movie as seriously as I would the most serious, Oscar-worthy romance film. The imagery is so I love Tim I would like for that special someone to come find me on top of a snowy hill dazzling in the full-moon light, singing that it is clear to see, we are meant to be.....

Friday, September 28, 2007


It's shamefully late, considering that Fall is my favorite season...but at last
the page has got it's pretty autumn colors.
Even The Girl with a Pearl Earring agreed to dress up a bit and wear a seasonal wreath over her turban.

God I love this time of the year, I feel fresh and alive. Like it's a new beginning. The air is crisp, the trees are incredible, the smells....oh, the smells....
And it's the time to go walk in the orchards, pick apples and pumpkins and corn.

Bake all kinds of spicy, warm things. Hot chocolate, apple pie, cranberry sauce, gingerbread cookies. Totally brings out the Martha Stewart in me that's been half asleep all summer.
It's like a festival for a few weeks. All of it leading to the big final: Halloween!

Welcome to Fall!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Of course...

Once you start that, there is no stopping. It's kind of like the anagram site....

This is Christina Ricci (Riccy??) It's just unbelievable, how she looks like a woman on one side, and strikingly like a five years old child on the other. And here is Tori Amos, because she's very pretty usually, and looks like the cutest doll on the left....but made me spit my green tea all over my screen when I saw the side of her face that looks like *freaking JOHN TRAVOLTA!!!* And these two....well, I won't spoil the fun, let's make this a guessing game. Who are those disturbing side-creatures that prove that sometimes, it takes two average people to create gorgeous, sexy faces?

Two Sides of Ourselves

Here is a fun experiment.
Take a photo of your face, looking straight into the camera. I used this one:

Using a basic photo modifying computer program, copy and paste one half of the face and switch it to the other side. Dot that for the second side, and you will get your two different selves.

I guess this is a good way to determine your "Best-side". I had no idea we had sides so different.

This is rather pretty:

While this...this is...uuuhh....well...unfortunate:

I guess my best side is the right one then....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Do my fingers look fat?

Well gosh darn it, loosing weigh DOES have it's bad sides.
I never realized that loosing 15 lbs could, and IS enough to ensure that all of your old rings are now too large. So you have to re-buy a jewelry wardrobe too!?

It's kind of sad, because some of the rings are so special. None are expensive (I'm a collector of cheap stuff), so it's not the money that matters, but some of them were so original. I will never find the same again. I guess I'll have to wear them on chains.....

It really is puzzling me, because honestly, I haven't seen much of the weigh vanish where it counts. (Hips, I'm looking at you!) I will never complain of having to throw away a pair of jeans because my butt has shrunk. No, I'd burn them with a smile on my face and dance around the fuming remains happily.

But really, have I lost 15 lbs of finger and wrist fat?

Friday, September 14, 2007

An Experiment for the Women

Apparently, women have a special connection with the Moon.

Some people feel closer to it, of course.
I always thought it was one of the most beautiful things in nature, especially when it's full and huge and orange. I even got a crescent moon tattooed on the back of my neck. To mark my love for nature. To me the Moon represents all of it. Some force that's always there every night going again and again in a cycle.

This is apparently the reason why ancient people and today's pagans have chosen our satellite as a symbol of the Mother Goddess. A visible, never-ending cycle, from waxing crescent (young woman), to full moon (mother), to waning crescent (Wise/old woman).

Tribes that lived outdoors were obviously fascinated by the moon, and noted the effect it had on their women.
I read recently, that back when people slept outside, and were closer to nature and more in tune with it. The women's monthly cycle were directly influenced by the Moon's magnetic attraction.
That it was synchronized to come along with the Full Moon.
And this is why some people even continue to call this period of the month "Being in their moon."

Of course, that fascinates me. Is that even possible?
The book said that us indoor women who don't camp out every day can get that connection back, simply by closing or opening our bedroom curtains according to the moon. To sleep in complete darkness on the new moon, and slowly opening them as it grows every night.

So if some of you girls are interested, try this at home, I know I will. And even men, if you disregarded the title and read this post anyway, try this on your woman.
Let's look to the right of our screen, tonight, the moon is waxing, still a tiny crescent. Curtains closed, girls!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Love Potion

Well, I should make an effort to live up to my Blog's name and give you a proper little spell worthy of a Kitchen Witch:

"When the time comes, warm this potion and give to the one whose love you would sweeten and warm." (I suppose you could have some too.)

"Add to red wine, 1 teaspoon of each:
Rosemary, Anise, Clove, honey, Orange rind, ground Cumin, And 3 green leaves from a rose geranium.
Bring to a simmer and stir deosil while counting to 91. Cool til the brew stops steaming, then strain."

I have to admit I never tried that potion, but whether it works or not, it must smell divine just brewing it up.
Thanks to Gruenwold Cottage's Kitchen Witch for the recipe.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lily's Fun Facts

Did you know.....

1-That according to a Google search, a screaming baby is 115 decibels?

2-That is more noise then a motorcycle, a Lawnmower or a Garbage truck?

3-That sometimes, when you work at a daycare, you have to reach the conclusion that the cutest-blue-eyed-doll-like-little-thing is most likely hitting the 120 decibels?

4-That 120 decibels= Race Car/Rock Band?

5-And that sometimes....there are more then one in a closed space?

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Nooo!No!Not you TOO!

OH!!Nelly, Nelly, Nelly...WHY????

Right....I'll....I'll just pretend I never saw that....She will be back to brunette soon...Oh dear god I hope she will be back to brunette soon.

And I'm back....

....And it was genius, as expected.

I was really afraid something would happen to prevent my attending. Not to be negative, but when I get hugely excited about something and get my hopes all up, fate often likes to have a good laugh at me and it ends up not happening.
So I was on the know, lost tickets, natural disaster, Loreena catching a mysterious illness of the throat....but no. Thank you, fate, for letting me have this.

Her was just incredible. The drums, the Lyra, the cello....god, there are no words. It was worth all the worries and the tiresome metro ride with the freaks and pervs of Montreal.
(I also got the occasion to see a few female Loreena fans who had adopted her lioness hairstyle of huge brushed out curls with a fringe. Very amusing.)

She DID perform The Mystic`s dream, so I can now die happy. But maybe I was building my hopes way too high about it, and I ended up feeling a bit let down. They left out the gorgeous Gregorian chants at the start, and those are such an important part of the song to build up the whole mood. But it still was great.

The Old Ways was the hit of the evening to me, I never expected to like the live version that much.

Yeah, I know, it`s all useless Blah-Blah to non-fans so I'll stop myself, but I needed to get it out of my mind...I won`t sleep tonight. And I`m very tempted to brush out my curls in honor of the Lady.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Results of kicking my own butt

Remember, a while ago, I missed the occasion to meet my idol, Loreena McKennitt, due to my extreme laziness and reluctance to go out of my precious nest on weekends? Yeah? I do too, and I remember how frustrated with myself I was the day after.

So that's why I immediately, without thinking twice, bought tickets to her show in Montreal as soon as it was announced. And I waited and waited, got nervous, and started thinking of how I'd get myself there, all the buses and trains I'd have to take in the dark. The weird people in Montreal...*shiver*

But tonight is the night.
I know it will be something I will remember for the rest of my life, it will be one of my most treasured memories. I don't know if it can be compared to getting married...the day know it will be nerve racking and exciting, and deep down, you are horribly jittery.
But somehow, you manage to go trough the day's routine, wash your hair, do your bed, paper work in a normal way. But it's like the brain is refusing to register so as to function without freaking out.

I even killed a bad flu successfully using Echinacea drops, lots of water and going to bed at 9 every night this week.
I don't even want to imagine how depressing it would have been to be sick today.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank God it's Friday..

So exhausted....
I now fully realise that my job was extremely easy and even relaxing just a week ago.

Yes, there were eight kids with me all day, but they were all around five years old. The blessed age when they move from being babies and get upgraded to kids. Kids that can communicate almost like little adults, that understand what you say without the need for baby-talking. That can cut, glue, draw, paint by themselves. Dress themselves and put on their shoes. Tell jokes (or attempt to with even funnier results.)
They can even argue and pick fights with you, but hey, at least that's challenging in a fun way.

Now the big ones are gone to preschool, well five of them. And this week, the daycare ambiance has changed dramatically.
The five new kids (or should I say babies) are of course cute as kittens. But I certainly didn't remember how taxing it is to care for 2 years olds. It's a whole different world.

Pull-ups and diapers and asking fifty times a day in the general direction of those concerned "Do you need to pee?" and still cleaning yellow puddles off the floor and off underwear.

Attempting to establish communication as difficult as if they came in straight from China to our daycare.
And speaking of language, two of those kids speak a FUN mix of French/English/Spanish. Misunderstanding and frustration all around. But still funny to watch the other kids try to make sense of it with furrowed eyebrows and a look of deep concentration. Genuinely confused two years old are more entertaining then you'd think.

And then there's one little boy who turns into a Banshee as soon as he passes the door. Wailing his lungs out for his Mamie. Good times.

But I also realise that this is only a transition. I am emotionally and physically drained today...but things should be better as we all get used to each other.
For now, I need a rest, and YES, it's a long weekend!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Seriously worried

That's it...I'm now scared of walking in my own neighborhood.

A few days ago, an 18 years old girl was waiting for the bus. Somehow, she got pulled into a car, taken a few miles away, raped, and brought back where she was in the first place.
This CAN'T happen!
Six o'clock, damnit! The sun is still shining high!
And she was not walking in a dark alley or anything. That street is a rather busy one, but still residential, there are many houses and people around. Beautiful flowers, expensive houses, people walking their dogs, children on bicycles, you get the picture!

What's freaking me the most, is that it happened only one bus stop away from where I take it every night at that time.
I'm scared. I always felt so safe.
I even walked at night sometimes, but that time is over.

I don't know what I can do to feel safer. I feel so vulnerable.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Last weekend was the first time I had ever heard of "Lush", or more like the first time I had ever *seen* this boutique. I guess you American readers have it too...we are just a bit behind up here. And this is a big and exciting novelty for this kitchen witch!

Wow, it's a whole new experience, like walking into a wonderfully scented rainbow.

At first, knowing nothing about them, I was convinced that the colorful display of plastic-looking soap bars were of the cheap and synthetic sort. You have to admit that turquoise and fuchsia are not what you'd expect of natural soaps, but more of the shelves of a dollar store.

But the enthusiastic and definitely slightly effeminate clerk nicely explained to me how the products are made from essential oils, natural ingredients like clay and herbs and such. I was beyond excited. And then he told me that all of the soaps and ingredients aren't tested on animals, I was sold.

I'm still in the discovery stage, but I have found a favorite already, and it's this baby:

It's called Reincarnate, and yes, it does look quite disgusting in this picture, but in reality, it's a nice looking piece of reddish mud-colored shampoo-bar. It smells of many kinds of spices, orange and some other yummy exotic stuff, and best of all, Red Persian Henna, which supposedly adds reddish tones to dark hair.

I'm new to the concept of solid shampoo, but I love it already, no pesky bottles around the shower anymore. Not only is it great smelling, practical, natural and good for the hair, I realized that I don't even have to put in conditioner after I rinse that off! And this is something I thought I would never even dream of thinking about. Curly hair=vital need for conditioner, can't go without it. So I must conclude that Reincarnate is some kind of magical-does-all hair soap.

The next thing I must investigate is their brand of Henna bars. I'm admittedly a bit put off by how they chose to name the stuff....maybe it's because I'm French, but calling a hair color "Caca Brun mama" or "Caca Noir mama" might be just a bit unappealing....if not revolting.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


At last, some good news to write about!
I am back from my three weeks summer vacations, and instead of having added the obligatory vacation-ten-pounds, I have actually went down to 133lbs!
I have beat the dreaded 140lbs Plateau! It is gone and behind! And I don't even remember the last time I climbed on the scale and got a number under 140! It's like being in a dream.

I'm still wondering how it's possible....sure, I've been careful about what I eat,walked a lot, but I've not been overly fact, I've been at my sister's almost half the time, and this is a place of depravation where sugary alcohol flows, and desert is omnipresent, even at breakfast. There were birthdays, I got almost drunk on Sour Puss and Smirnoff Ice and chocolate-cheese cake on a few occasions.

I can only blame the weight lost on emotional stress. Yes, I won't talk about it much on the web, my private diary is there for that.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Very Tempting

So I've been letting my hair grow for the last few months. And for the first time in my life, I didn't actually cut it myself in a bout of frustration after two weeks.

So yeah, it's now pass my shoulders....I'm happy with it.

But it's summer now, and it is HOT outside, and also incredibly humid, and I am going mad with that great curly sheep sitting on my head all day.

I watched the movie Amélie Poulin yesterday, and for a moment, she convinced me to cut my hair ala Amélie. I just adore that cute, fringe-y and funky little cut. And it seems great for hot weather.

I'm hesitating, because first, my hair takes lots of time to grow back....and also, a few people told me that they thought Audrey Tautou's hair was hideous in that movie.

Not that I let others decide on my haircut....but I'd really hate to walk the streets with half the population wondering if I'm whacked in the head...
I don't know how to make a Poll, but maybe you people could help me, don't have to leave a big comment, just YES or NO....I'd like to have a sample of popular opinion.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tried and true....

It's summer time, so many of us are trying to get in shape.

So, it's my guess that most are now aware of the dreaded word: (cue to dramatic music)--


Yes, you start to loose weight, you are all proud of your progress, you eat right! You walk to work! You run everyday! You do everything you should. You haven't touched a potato chip in weeks. You are almost fitting into your skinny jeans again, and then....PLATEAU.

It can drive you to madness, and it's the time you can get completely discouraged, because you continue to make the efforts, and there are no more results. Steady weight. And I Googled can last up to three weeks.

But why?
Well, our body is pretty clever. It will adjust to whatever we are doing. If we are on a strict diet of 1200 calories a day, and walk everyday the same amount of time (spending the same nbs of calories each day). The body will adjust to that. It says, OK, I'll burn less then, because I know I get that much fuel, and I need that much to function.

It can become a vicious circle, because of course, we could eat even less and spend even more...thus starting to loose weight again, but this will never end, and can eventually be dangerous.

What can we do? I read this pretty logical tip, and it does work.

We need to be smarter then the body.
Never let it fall into a pattern, keep it guessing.
So....say you have a daily diet of 1200-1500 calories. You go a day or two of eating around 1200, and then a day or two more around 1500. You can walk 20 minutes one day, do Yoga another day. Go swimming, run, whatever you like to do. But mix it up.

This also mean you won't feel all guilty to eat a meal at McD's on the weekend, because you know this will be a good start to Monday's reasonable food.
(Be careful though, the higher days could trick you into eating WAY more and badly then you should.)

It DOES work...or you can wait 3 weeks for the damn plateau to go away by itself.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

In Defense of Disney

I know that a lot of people today are considering Disney to be a Big-Fat-Money-Making business. And while I agree that most recent movies that came out of there, animated or other were less then spectacular (and that's nicely put)....Disney did came up with little jewels in the past. Hmmm.....maybe I am biased, because it was back in the days when I would be excited to go see one of them at the theater, maybe today's kids will argue that recent ones are great too, anyway.

My point is, some of those movies can define who we grow up to be.

Take the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. I heard all sorts of critics about how it was poorly done. How different from the book it was and how it messed children's culture up.

I'm sorry, but this masterpiece of a movie happened when I was at the age of reading only teeny-boopy magazines, yet it made me hunt down Notre-Dame de Paris, and read that complicated french brick multiple times. It made me watch repertoire movies made years ago.

Hunchback single-handedly developed my passion for drawing, for observation, the details in the decor are phenomenal.

My fascination with medieval music and life, Gothic architecture, Gypsy culture all started there in 1996.
My sense of compassion and acceptance for those who are different...while making me discover the thrills of a true villain who's evilness has nothing to do with sorcery or scary monsters, but real human feelings of jealousy, forbidden desires and religious bigotry.

I mean this movie was really dark in places, for the teen that I was. Murders, dark cathedral walls, witches burnt at the stake, a hero being publicly humiliated, a priest that wants a woman so bad that he's ready to kill, all presented right there in front of me. Opening my mind to the adult world.

It made me who I am today, or it woke it up in me.....

Pocahontas made me research Native Americans, and Hercules had me fascinated with antique Greece for a while. All of those childish movies opened the doors to never ending discoveries.

And I have Disney to thank for that.

*Confession, I DO own the Hunchback of Notre-Dame DVD, it is still my favorite animation and I watch it disturbingly regularly. I'm just ignoring those gargoyles....*

Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh Lucky Day!

People always make a fuss about Friday the 13th....

Strangely, I was never very superstitious, as any self-respecting Kitchen Witch, I have a Black Cat. (Love you, Luna!)

I still remember getting a thrill in elementary school when one of the kids wrote the day's date on the green chalkboard in big scary, gooey letters. And everyone would spend the day being dramatic and saying stuff like "see you later....if I'm still alive!"
Ah, the good days!

But now, like most of the people who read the DaVinci Code, I know where the bad luck day stigma comes from. Jeez, it was one of the points from the novel that stuck the most with me. It was like finally, I saw the light . Big revelation. So that's what all the superstitions are about? Some Knight Templar genocide?

Well we should not be scared anymore!
Let's turn it into a positive day, after all, 13 is kind of a cool number, and god knows we all love Fridays!
So pet a black cat, open an umbrella inside the house, and heck, break a mirror!
Maybe you'll have your luckiest day in months!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kicking the lazyness away

This time I won't be defeated by my legendary laziness and reluctance when it comes to going out. I mean, it's all good and fun to be a happy introvert who loves her apartment more then any other places, but there are times in life when you just need to kick your ass out of that door and go.

September 7th will be that time.

Yesterday morning, I received an email telling me that Loreena McKennitt will start to tour this Fall. And she is coming to Montreal!! I didn't think twice, because I knew that if I did, I would end up convincing myself that I was better off listening to her CDs at home...

And I still had that big part of me who yelled with excitement that seeing her in concert will be a one in a life time, magical experience and that I would hate myself on September the 8th if I didn't go. So I bought the tickets. There is no turning back, and I am beyond excited and totally on an adrenaline rush. After all, it will be my first show in the "Big city". I don't go to Montreal a lot.

I mean, if I have to assist to one show in my life, it should be Loreena's. She is my muse and inspiration, she wrote my favorite song ever....Oh.....if she sings The Mystic's Dream that night, I will melt, and possibly die too, completely happy and satisfied.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lily's Facts of Life:

There is only ONE downside to working with children-----
Having to deal with the parents.


Update: I guess I should add with *some* parents. Because most are pretty agreeable to deal with.

Natural Beauty tip no4 (I think)...

Well this one is really simple and cheap, and I never would have believed until I was bored enough to actually try it:


Yes, plain and simple oatmeal flakes. The ones you buy when you vow to eat healthy and that are presently sitting unused in the back of your pantry.

Mix a small quantity (say a big Tablespoon) with warm to hot water in a small bowl. Cover the flakes with water completely, you can even put a bit more.
Mix a bit and using your fingers, scoop up the bits of mushy oatmeal and rub all over clean face.

The using your imagination, apply the remaining oatmeal-y liquid to your face, and just keep rubbing lightly, so the skin takes all the goodness in.

You can now proceed to rinse away with warm, then colder water to close the pores.

Be prepared to feel the softess skin ever!

I guess it could be used all over the body, come to think of it.....

Freakishly Amazing!

I love her!
Oh Helena! How I missed you!

And look! My favorite British girl never disappoints. Not only is she a genius actress, she dresses like that to premieres (and from what I've read, pretty much on an every day basis too.)

She totally rocks the Victorian-street-urchin-with-a-killer-sense-of-style look.

Don't know why I love it so much....maybe it's because it's so very refreshing, so different from what you normally see on those famous people.

I mean just look at the hair! That alone is a masterpiece of careful mess! The ribbons sticking out! The picture of unruliness!
The combat boots!!!

And that Oh-SO-COOL dress. I'd bet she did it herself too, because it reminds me a lot of her Pantaloonies collection, with all the bits of antique material and laces...

Oh, I so can't wait to see her as Bellatrix Lestrange.

Friday, June 29, 2007

All Grown up!

Well, time is flying by!

I remember the day I went and saw the first Harry Potter movie like it was yesterday...when those kids were so tiny and cute.

And now some people are starting to call them hotties!

I can't wait to see the fifth movie...look at those kids! The girl they picked for Luna Lovegood is all kinds of awesome. I would never have the balls to dress like that for a big movie premiere. But there she is, looking all proud and happy in those baggy pants and shoes. I wonder if this is all her real hair....If so, I am disgustingly jealous.
Emma is looking like a lady! Wow! Love the dress! Great color (olive green, my favorite), great cut!
I know some people are going to hate me...but....hmmm, I can't understand all the drooling going on for the boys....I mean, Ron has his charms, red hair is hot, pretty sleepy eyes, humor....but Harry? I honestly don't see it....

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Celebrity Anagrams...

Yep, I was bored...but some of those are eeeeerie....

Alanis Morissette------It's nasal, tiresome. (I would have to disagree!)
Christina Aguilera -----Agile haircuts rain
Angelina Jolie----------I join anal glee (*coughcough*)
Britney Spears---------Best PR in years (lol)
Tom Cruise------------I'm so cuter
Tori Amos-------------I'm a torso (This is just so random, I couldn't stop laughing!lol)
Paul Bettany-----------Beauty! Plant (I'd say: Beauty. Man.)
Helena Bonham Carter-No real charm beneath?
Ewan McGregor--------Now. Grace germ
Nicole Kidman---------A demonic link (I knew it!!lol)
Paris Hilton------------In his patrol (Hmmmmm....)
Kate Winslet-----------New tits leak (woah!lol)
Justin Timberlake-----I'm a jerk, but listen (Bwa-hahahaha!)
Nelly Furtado---------Artfully done (100% agree!)
Marylin Monroe------In lore, my Norma (Wasn't her real name Norma???)
Marylin Manson------Many sin normal
Pamela Anderson-----Darn a-ample ones (Well darn!!lol)

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Since I read The Da Vinci Code, I've been fascinated by anagrams. But unlike Sophie Neveu and Robert Langdon, I am no good at creating or resolving them.

Then I found this site:

Turns out that my name (Liliane Grenier) is a perfect anagram for Linear Lingerie. How cool. I'm having difficulty to imagine what *that* would look like, but the idea sounds cool enough. I would no doubt buy Linear Lingerie....

Liliane-Nail lie (!) Hmmm, cryptic!

Hours of fun await.....

In the Springtime of the Year....

Just wanted to share a pretty picture I found today....

It's the kid at our daycare, welcoming Spring and dancing around the Maypole on Beltane.

Aren't they adorable? I hope they will remember the fun and keep up celebrating the changes of season when they are older.

Faces are blurred for Internet safety, of course. (But they are all smiles under that!)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A new project

Well, it's not breaking news, but I'm tired of seeing that picture of my hair when I check out my blog....
And, wow, it's practically been half a moon that I didn't write an entry! (Thank you, Current Moon Phase Indicator!)

Well, what's new? I got a little drawing job-ette. Which is very cool, I'm going to decorate some blackboard menus for an ice-cream shop. Gelato, fun!

Also, I'm trying to avoid my gentle stalker at all costs. I think I'm doing well, he hasn't been able to talk to me again....and spying on me is kept at a minimal, because I try to not stand where I can be clearly seen by him. Yeah, he is still sitting on his balcony, looking in my general direction. How weird....But I'm hoping he will tire of this little game. I'm a patient women, and it's not like I used to bake myself in the sun anyway.

Cats are feeling nice, but hot.

There is a new movie with Audrey Tautou coming out Friday! I must see it. How I love this actress. She looks and sounds just like a Pixy!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Update 2

Taking a break from freaking about stalker to report on hair's progress with shampoo detox!

Nothing bad to say about it! It's even raining today and hair still looks nice. Excellent!

One thing though...I just learned that I will have to change my beloved Herbal Essence Gel...the company is still making animal tests, and in our modern times, that's not acceptable to me. Will start to hunt for cruelty-free products this afternoon.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Well now, I don't like to be alarmist...

But he freaking came running behind me this afternoon when I was walking *with my little brothers* to give me a bouquet of 3 red roses! Holy everything! I just wish I will wake up tomorrow and realise that this is all a freak dream.

I loathe the whole situation to bits. I told him clearly again that there was going to be nothing at all but friendship, and he said he knew, with a kind smile. And I got this sinking feeling in my stomach that sadly, he probably takes this as a challenge.

This is bad Karma...what did I do wrong?

Oh my God! He hit on me!

OKay. That was way strange.

For the very first time ever, a random man hit on me. I'm so not used to that. And I'm so not looking for this.
I was walking towards the little park near where I live, and suddenly, this man appears from nowhere amongst the trees and says hi. He's being polite and I don't get bad vibes, so I chat back, and he asks to walk with me.
Turns out he's the guy living in front of my apartment. I would guess he is about 40. I've seen him play guitar a few times, but that's about it.

Oh my god, he admitted he has been watching me for a long time. And nicely starts to enumerate his qualities as a boyfriend. Says how pretty I am, how he like my hair, etc. Never. In.My.Life. someone came up to me like that. Shit! And I told him I didn't want a boyfriend, but he kept saying that he is different, trying to hold my hand, saying he respects me, even to hug me when we came back around.

I'm slightly freaked now. Hence this post. And even though he seems sincere and non-threatening, I seriously hope I didn't create myself a stalker. There is 0% chance I would go out with him. But I feel like my liberty to go take a walk by myself is now at stake. How will I get out if this? I didn't need this.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 31th...

Yeah....I've got a special cranky mood that suddenly appears nearing the end of each month.

It's this feeling that my bank account is suddenly bleeding out like crazy.

I spend the whole month putting money in there, and every last day it's the same....Rent, Bills, this stupid Bus Pass that is so godamn expensive. (You know shouldn't they make them cheaper if they want to encourage people to leave their cars at home?) All at the same time.

And then I realize I need batteries to top it all....And it's raining. Have a wonderful freaking day!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

If there ever was a sin....

....It's probably that thing I ate this weekend.

Now, I try to stick to being reasonable, active and veggie-eating on weekdays, but weekends are the time to indulge, so I went to that nice breakfast restaurant. They have to most wonderful crepes ever.
Last week I had the spinach and cheddar one, which was still pretty okay, diet-wise. There were lots of the green.

But this Sunday, I decided to try something called "Country Delight". And it was described as Crepe filled with cream cheese and covered in Raspberry sauce. Nice!

But then I saw the waitress come my way with this embarrassingly *Huge* plate. I don't know if it's just me, but when that kind of thing happens, I get pretty convinced that everyone around is thinking that this girl is quite the pig.

I swear, I must have misread the menu, because first of all there were not one, but two rolled crepes, each one as long as my forearm. The sauce was good and very much tasted like fresh raspberries.'s just unbelievable the quantity of cream cheese filling they managed to cram in there.
The first few bites were excellent of course...but you quickly start to feel like you're eating a full cheese cake melted inside those crepes. So I started to press the rolls with my fork, and couldn't believe how much there was. It kept coming out. There must have had at least a full cup of sugary cheese cream.

I didn't even eat it all (not because I was keeping my resolutions, but because I simply couldn't anymore....and I tried, it was so yummy.) But I'm sure I ate at least 1000 calories that morning. If not more.
And now I feel kind of bad.

Next time I'm bringing someone. Oh my God, bathing suit season is coming so fast!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Mystic's Dream

Yesterday, as I was walking trough the little "park" near where I live, I suddenly had a realisation:

If I had to chose only ONE song in the history of songs I adore, and only be aloud to listen to that ONE song for ever and ever. The choice would be easy: "The Mystic's Dream" by Loreena McKennitt.

To me, this piece represents absolute musical perfection. A Masterpiece if there ever was one.
I have listened to it for years and always get shivers, and even discover new things about it. It is that complex.

Now, I realise some people would look at me like I am some kind of fool, and pick a Pink Floyd song, or something like that. But hey, we all have something that moves us.

In my case, it's this very eclectic mix of Oriental-sounding drums and percussion.
The mystical effect of the deep Gregorian chants and Loreena's ethereal high voice that makes me close my eyes and shiver as I am transported outside a very very ancient, small stone monastery in the middle of a dark, ageless forest of giant trees in Old England or Ireland. Druids and priestesses, the overpowering beauty, power and mood of nature....

The song makes me relax, or concentrate, or motivates me. It works for everything. It's MY song.

Even yesterday, as I was walking through the trees , after years of listening to it, I discovered that nearing the end, there's even some kind of organ that begins to play softly in the background. And I had to sit. I had never known what made the song get even more intense nearing the end, and now I know. Viva I-pod!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

To Fight the Zits....

A simple trick to fight those pesky pimples we tend to get every month....and that make us feel even more hormonal then we already are:

-One drop of Tea Tree Essential oil. (That's it!)
Simply use a cue-tip (or fingertip), pour a drop or two on it and dab on spot.
It works even better if you manage to catch it at the earliest stage, even before it's out. It kills the bacteria, the zit is dead, and you feel much better.
*Reminder-Wash your finger before petting cats or any animal!*