Friday, June 27, 2008

Things that make you want to become a lesbian...

....I'm kidding! (I love you Honey!)
But, Oh my God! Apparently, a girl called Olga left her business card to some guy called Dimitri, and here is what she got on her voicemail.
Hearing this, I'm betting she gave him the card so he would just get the hell away from her....but I think it teaches us all a lesson. Such freaky losers/stalkers out there!
It's pretty funny though, that she decided to share it on Youtube, I'm sure Mr. Greek Demi-God there must be so proud.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm a very loving girl, honey...

It often happens that I get called Mommy at the daycare.
It's always funny to watch for the fraction of a second when the kids realise what they said and you can see the chain-reactions on their faces.
First confusion, then the eyes open wide and there's a bit of shock, then they look around and know everyone has heard, embarrassment, and sometimes, when they have a good sense of humor, they'll start to laugh. Which is probably the best way to react in a situation like that if you ask me.
These kids are all under five though, so it's pretty normal, their Moms tell me they sometimes get called Liliane too.
I've even heard of children at school calling their teachers Mommy. Honest mistake. Hard to break habits.

It becomes much more embarrassing, as I found out lately to do the same kind of thing when you're all grown up.
Boyfriend and I, we got into that pattern of always sticking to word "Honey" at the end, beginning or middle of any sentence. Sometimes twice in the same.
It has become kind of like a person using a swear word as punctuation. Honey this, honey that, and I love it, nothing to complain about. I think it's cute.
(Most of you probably understood that as we are both French, it's really the word "chéri" we use, but I replaced it with Honey, because if I was English, this is the word I would use, definitely. We've got nothing as yummy-sounding in French....)
So it has come to that.
Boyfriend is probably the person I talk with the most since the last few months, so Honey is now a regular, everyday word to me.
And as of now, my Sister, her Boyfriend, my Mother, one or two kids at daycare and one of my brothers have been called Honey in a very casual manner by me. Strangely embarassing, almost like feeling naked for a second or two.
I'm waiting for the day when I email the woman I work with on book illustrations and I end it with a big, heart-felt
"I love you honey!!!♥♥♥".

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Army of Me

I love Bjork. I know she has a funny name and a disturbing wardrobe, but I'll still talk about her today because I just have to.
And, huh, it's my Blog, so I could just talk about Bjork everyday if I chose to. (I won't!! I won't!! I want to keep the few readers I've got!)
It might be because I'm a bit tired from all the national Day partying, but I found that so funny.

I showed my fourteen years old brother the video for "Army of Me", which, I find is one of Bjork's most kick ass songs ever. The video was probably produced by someone on some hard substance...or very very creative.
But the song, it gets to me. When I'm in that kind of mood, all those metallic sounds at the beginning and near the end with the explosions, the beat, and her straining voice on top of it all. I love it. It's so different from anything you'll hear on the radio.

As I showed my little brother Army of Me, excitingly expecting him to realize just how cool Bjork is in spite of her name.
He turned to me with the most traumatised look on his face. Seemingly wildly wondering WHY in the world I would love that music.

"So cool isn't it!? You'll show it to all of your friends right?"

(With wild, panicked expression)--"NO WAY!! This is SCARY music for CRAZY people! It's music for KILLERS! For people who kill CATS! It's Cat-Killer music! Cat killers put that music on when they want to get in the mood for cat killing!"

And I laughed and I laughed, so hard my sides hurt. The mind of a teenager is a bizarre place.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Party like it's 1997!

First of all, I have no idea who those people on the photo are. Found them on Google, and they totally embody what comes into my mind when I think "Prom Dance".
Whatever the year we're talking about, Prom is stuck in the 80's to me, and forever will be.
I see pink frilly dresses, bouffant sleeves, huge crimped hair and pimply boys in white tuxes and color sashes.
Maybe because so many 80's movie feature proms...even new movies like Napoleon Dynamite reinforce the dorky image burnt in my head...

So why am I rambling about Proms this morning?? Well I had a flash you see...

It's raining today, so obviously, me and the kiddies are prisoners of the house. I simply had to do something to let them spend all that pent up energy because it was getting out of control and craaazy. Happily, I felt pretty energetic too, so I decided to start a party and be the entertainer.

We played games of guessing and stuff like that, and of course, the classic of rainy days, Musical Chair. The kids just go mad when I pronounce the words, they are Musical Chair fanatic.

We don't play very often, because most of the time, the game ends with a kid sitting between two chairs and falling hard on his butt. One hitting another or tantrums from the sore losers. Often all of the above. But what can I say...we still have fun, and they never remember the bad parts.

So I start looking for a good song that would encourage them to walk and dance around those chairs, and all I can find at the daycare is a Celine Dion CD...a 1997 one...but it has that "Rap" song that the kids just love. (I admit, because I have no shame, it was actually MY CD. I bought a Celine Dion Cd, I did...but it was 1997, and I was also wearing salmon leggings and brushed my curly hair into a poof complete with puffy fringe.)

So after the game, (it went pretty well for once, no drama at all!), I just let the music continue and everyone was kind of dancing and skipping around, when "My heart will go on" came on, and I closed the lights to make them quiet down a bit and relax before dinner.

And then I had to stop myself from laughing, because it was hysterical but so cute...when I looked around, EVERY one of them had paired with another and was slow dancing! In the My heart Will Go On. And some of the girls had put on some of the costume dresses and tutus. And I felt thrown back in time to an authentic 80's prom. The only thing that was missing was a Big Disco Ball....I love my job.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Can someone else's Lucky object bring luck to another person?

Can wearing somebody else's Lucky charm make it even luckier...with both lucks and positive thoughts combined?

I'm not sure how this works...but they say it's how much you believe in something that will make it real to you.
So I believe it works that way.