Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wanna Feel like Britney?

Here, you too can be on the cover of every magazine. Hours of procrastinating fun....
(Thanks, Bro-in-Law!)

Procrastination Thursday

Okay, it's actually Dress Thursday...and I did "dress" up for the occasion. Although that thing makes me look pregnant and/or huge-butted. Which I didn't realize until I wasn't able to take a picture that didn't make me look like an apple with legs. That explains why I'm less smiley on the pic.
Oh god...less smiley is actually the nice way of putting it, I look kind of miserable aren't I? Like a frustrated, matronly Minnie Mouse that will slap your fingers with a ruler....*sigh*

ANYWAY! Right now, I should be working and thinking about an illustration project, a painting and the planning of both my Mother and BF's birthday.

Instead of that, I'm blogging, looking around Facebook's Quiz, looking up Beltane activities to do as a couple (and getting sucked into related daydreams....)and other useless, less urgent stuff.

Procrastination, according to Wiki:

"For an individual procrastination may result in stress, a sense of guilt, the loss of personal productivity, the creation of crisis and the disapproval of others for not fulfilling one's responsibilities or commitments. Incidentally these combined feelings can lead to further procrastination. While it is normal for people to procrastinate to some degree, it becomes a problem when it impedes normal functioning. Chronic procrastination may be a sign of an underlying psychological or physiological disorder."

Oh God..... I'm screwed, I need a therapist now...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday's Show

...Was awesome!

I borrowed my brother's digital camera so I went a bit crazy with the picture taking.
I already knew Saturday would be great, I've been waiting to go to that Tricot Machine Show forever it seems. But sometimes things turn out even better then you can imagine.
Part of it was because I went together with my sweet/amazing/smart/strong/adorable/sexy Boyfriend. (In the future, I will abbreviate all of that to BF for all of our sakes.)

It was also a beautiful, sunny day...
The Show was going to take place in an old Moulin near a river, in the middle of a big park full of trees and squirrels and nature and all. I often went to take walks there in the past, it's really a wonderful place anytime of the year.

Since we got there a lot sooner then expected, we walked around the little streets and found a pretty little Café inside an antique house. The wind was getting a bit chilly, so we went upstairs and had Coffee and Hot Chocolate. I figured it would be a good time to start wiping out the camera, so after many unsuccessful and embarrassing attempts, witnessed by another costumer sitting in a corner, this was the best picture. It sucks not being photogenic, let me tell you. Being two non-photogenic people is almost a drama when you try to get a good picture...I like to think that we are a much prettier couple in real life then there...still....can you feel the loooove? hihihi

I don't think it shows, but this seat was put inside what was once a wardrobe. Or so we guessed. Starting us on numerous theories and stories about people who might have died/killed/hung themselves in that once wardrobe, and the resulting vengeful ghosts that would of course follow us home after being disturbed by us and our warm beverages.

After that yummy little break, we walked back to the park, where BF showed me the proper way to seduce a duck. As you can see, the Lady Duck was apparently trying to flirt back, but I warned her to keep her wings to herself. I'm very possessive like that. You can't thrust a She-Duck.

Then I wanted to pose with the sign that pointed to where the show was. But sadly, I am not at peace, or proud of the fact that I like to pose with we had to wait until no one was around (or walking towards it.) It was a long wait, but thank god, BF is also a patient man and he nicely obliged.

As you can see, I put colorful clothes on that day. Tricot machine inspires me color...and we soon found out that I wasn't alone. We could easily guess who was just walking past the Moulinet or who was going in by the rainbow clothing and/or Hippie garbs. Including bright yellow and purple...and that was on a man.

Then was the time to go in! Finally! We where super lucky to have the place we got. (Lucky meaning I almost ran and trampled everyone on the way to said place.) As BF noted later, it would have been nearly impossible to be sitting closer unless we sat in their laps. It was a small, intimate room and we had the chance to get a little table right in front of the stage (slightly on the side, but still.) So great view...sadly, the pictures I got are blurry and low quality, because I didn't want to use a flash and get an evil glare from one of them or a tambourine thrown at my head by Catherine Leduc. This one is nice though...

You can see that she was also wearing yellow, and that made me happy for some reason. Loved how she just came onstage and took off her shoes. And jumped and danced around like a happy little kid to the sound of her guy's piano.

Well it was great, sweet, funny...sad sometimes, but always cute. I had a great time, leaning against BF's shoulder and listening to Une Histoire de Mitaine and Les Oreillons Live is a very cool thing. They even got in a few new songs. And now I can't wait for their next CD. The show went on for more then an hour and a half without pauses....well worth the 20$!

When it was over, a fan-girlish glimmer of craziness suddenly sparked in my eyes and I started to look for a way to get a picture with them. The Guy part of the Duo was unfortunately gone to the bathroom, but Catherine was there alright. And I figured I could still get my photo taken next to her to prove to her daycare-fans that I indeed met the girl in L'ours! Very VERY unfortunately, I hadn't turned the flash on and the pic turned out WAY dark. I tried to digitally mess with it, but the quality can still see that's it's me at least, and kind of recognize that huge smile of hers with the signature top of head pony-tail. Two versions of the photo to illustrate the wonders of computer technology...

She seemed kind of surprised that I ask for a photo...and I sensed that BF was very slightly embarrassed of my fan girl attitude and having to be associated with it by being the photographer... but I needed this. *fan girl squeal*.

It was such a wonderful Saturday.....

Thursday, April 17, 2008


...Is much better then Wednesday and it's oddities.

Also, it's Dress Day, so I put a on skirt...and socks this time. I admit that jeans take a bit away from the femininity of the skirt, and that's the whole point of dress Thursday isn't it?

I'm running out of ideas for how to pose in silly ways. I don't just want to stand there. I can't. So I channelled my inner Spice Girl....Daycare Spice I guess.

I'll tell ya what I want, what I really really want!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Weirdness of Wednesday

First of all, the name itself is WEIRD! And I keep having to look it up every time I need to write it. I mean, it's pronounced Whensday, but the written word has all kinds of Ds and Ns seemingly randomly placed through it.

So my Wednendsnday started in a bizarre enough way. (That I will not mention here, because, well because there ARE things I'd rather not let the cyberspace know about.) But it was unusual and the perfect unnerving way to start a day.

Then I lost a pair of pants. Yes, PANTS! Not a bra, not one sock, not an earring, a whole pair of PANTS. My favorite ones, those I needed after that morning's disturbing start. So I looked around the whole apartment, with Luna frantically making figure of eights around my pajama-clad legs because I hadn't fed those beasts yet. And the pants are lost. They are not anywhere, not even in the I'm mourning...
But I'm pretty sure they will come up in a few months covered in dust bunnies and cat hair. Hopefully, they will still fit as perfectly. I'm beginning to believe my own theory that my apartment is infested with object-hiding Gnomes and Faeries. It would explain so much.

Then on the bus-ride to work, I spot this guy I see every morning. There are many teens taking the public bus to school, all with their own level of strangeness, ranging from gold-lame legging wearers to those with pants barely hanging around the knees. (What a stressful fashion that must be to follow...damn.) Most of them re-applying sparkly "pink-crush" lip-gloss or nodding to the sound of Avril Lavigne or Fall Out Boy blaring from their respective IPods.
But this one boy, he's the kind that could be pretty, 16-17 years old, short blond hair, blue eyes and all, but who obviously would attack if called pretty. This is the last thing he seems to want and I guess that's why he wears the whole bad boy costume: way too large, dirty, holed jeans accessorized with chains and anarchy symbols. Dirty leather jacket and worker's boots (un-tied of course). You all have a mental picture...
Now imagine mister badass here, sitting on a bus, talking to his badass friends, being all rebel and anti-society and unique...suddenly taking out of his rugged pack-sack a small bag full of vanilla, strawberry and cream cookies. Very *pretty* looking cookies, shaped like flowers.
And slowly starting to open them and lick the cream filling carefully before daintily eating the rest....

What the rest of the day has in store for me, I'm impatient to know.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've come to expect that from Bjork...

...And honestly, it's one of the reasons why I admire her so much.

The world would be sadder, it wouldn't be the same without a crazed Icelandic singer who takes the stage wearing a giant hat of rainbow pompoms and pink aluminium foil dress. My world truly is a happier, more creative place just by listening to her music and wondering what will come next.

Love Bjork!

Anyone can laugh at me (looking at you, bro-in-law), but I'm still proud of saying it. Rock the pompoms Bjork!

Monday, April 14, 2008


*Gag* *Cough-cough*!!
I like Parsley, I really do. On food, and I like to watch it grow and harvest it and all.
But if you ever feel brave and want to do something daring.
Make yourself a Parsley Infusion. About a spoonful of dried Parsley with boiling water. Let it sit a few minutes, and let me know if I'm just a sissy.
God, the things we do when we've got to.... *takes another sip and gags*

Friday, April 11, 2008

Professor Brothers

A link to the complete collection of professor Brothers' clips. It has some language, makes fun of everything and will make you rewind a few times to be sure you just saw what you saw for a fraction of second. But nothing makes me laugh like a maniac quite like those movies. They have something unique about them. You can't grow old and die without having seen Prof Bro's clips...

I suggest the clip called "Jesus F*cking Christ" to introduce yourself to the kind of comedy. Open mind and Sense of Humor needed of course.

Just finished viewing "Future Thoughts" part 1 and2, and I'm crying, I'm crying! Need. to. watch. again.

Beware, parents...

Disney is coming out with a series of straight to DVD movies about Tinkerbell and her gang of multi-racial, politically correct fairies. The blue-haired Oriental one, the black one, and perhaps one of the red-heads is supposed to be Irish, who knows. That one in the middle, she even seems to have a pair of legs I can relate to.
So now I know what I will hear about all day long and see in every girl's bags at daycare in a few months.

I'm not complaining really, I think that Tink is hot. I prefer to see Fairies then Bratz as role-models. Those Disney Fairies are pretty cool too, they make it okay to have hips and thighs and small-ish breasts. They seem to have kept the 50's ideal of a woman's figure. It always surprised me how sexy they made Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan movie. With a skirt shorter then what teenagers are wearing today, bare legs, strapless dress and all.
I'm all for mythical creatures, bring the Fae on!

I'm also pretty sure I saw a preview for those movies awhile ago...and they played a song by Loreena McKennitt in it. HA! Maybe I'll be buying a Disney soundtrack soon. Haven't done that in years....

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Oooh! Exciting! When I signed in this morning, the counter marked 4000 visits! A lot of them are by me....but I'm still pretty happy. Bring out the party hats, champagne and chocolate!

So today is Thursday...yes, that means Cat's Dress Thursday!

I must admit I wasn't thinking about it until I opened my closet this morning. And it was so damn windy and cold outside that I just had to cheat and wear pants under the little dress thing.

My little brother tried to be funny and put his morning egg in the picture, I didn't think I would post this one, but I have to admit it looks kind of cool. With the hand. And the egg. It reminds me of Bjork's video for Venus as a Boy. So I kept it. I guess little bro has an artistic eye.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring is here for real!!

Well, the temperature can finally be called "Spring-ish".
I can venture out without a hat and that alone makes me happy. That, and also listening to the birds sing when I wake up at 6AM. I missed that.
Over here, we still have a meter of snow in some places, but still, it should melt away really fast with that blinding sun.

Um...what else...this post is kind of pointless, only to reassure anyone that might read that I'm still alive...

Oh yeah, something weird but also slightly nice for the ego happened yesterday. While I was walking back home, with my big un-sexy winter coat and hair all over the place, an old man stopped in his track and looked at me with huge eyes and started saying wow-wooow! And he continued as I walked away (a little faster). I'm pretty sure he was intoxicated, and it would have freaked me out at any other time, but their was lots of people around, so I just took it as a compliment, a drunken compliment...from an old drunk...but still.
Like I once said, it's always old men, always at least over 50. There must be something about me that is appealing to them. So strange...

Ah, that's pretty much it....yep. Event of the week.

Being in love makes me totally boring I guess.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cat's dress Thursday: Lily's Second Edition

Well, it's not that hard to wear a skirt to daycare after all. I don't know why I've been prejudiced against it for so's even kind of fun, I feel less frumpy. I strut more on Thursdays...

Thanks Cat! You're making me a Lady. Next step is the corset, petticoat and high-heels I guess.

The only problem is the socks can see their dotted cuteness on the picture, that's why I had to lift the skirt a bit. I loved them. They are above the knee...but I keep having to pull them up, as they tend to bunch down. And this could get tiring very, very fast. I have the feeling that I will have rolled them down around my ankles before the day is over. That will be very cool-looking I'm sure.

Why can't all socks be the same?? You never know if they will be hateful like that until you wear them a whole day.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April's Fool!

According to Wiki, one of the explanations for April's Fool's fishes that we stick on the back of others is a derivation of what they did in 16th century France (or around that time).

Apparently, in April, the Sun quits the zodiacal sign of the Fish....and so the French used to place dead fishes on the back of their friends....yeah...don't ask me how, I've been trying to figure that out since I read about it, and I always end up with disgusting mental pictures. Dead fish...eek...

Anyway, I've got no idea why the kids are so particularly affectionate today. I've been getting hugs and pats all morning and.....

Okay....I realize that nobody here is a four years old, I can't fake innocence here. But it's always great fun to pretend I haven't noticed a thing when one of them slaps me hard on the back and even makes sure that the scotch tape is well stuck before running away laughing, pointing and telling the others loudly.

There is one disturbing thing though, apart from the fishes they decided to stick in my hair obviously, it's that one of the kids managed to stick one on my butt without me even knowing of it before I took that photo...

Yeah the photo....the only reason I'm willing to put that picture up without cutting it above the butt area is to show that one fish, so lets just please focus on the fish and not it's surrounding, my friends.

Happy April's Fool day!