Friday, April 11, 2008

Professor Brothers

A link to the complete collection of professor Brothers' clips. It has some language, makes fun of everything and will make you rewind a few times to be sure you just saw what you saw for a fraction of second. But nothing makes me laugh like a maniac quite like those movies. They have something unique about them. You can't grow old and die without having seen Prof Bro's clips...

I suggest the clip called "Jesus F*cking Christ" to introduce yourself to the kind of comedy. Open mind and Sense of Humor needed of course.

Just finished viewing "Future Thoughts" part 1 and2, and I'm crying, I'm crying! Need. to. watch. again.


John In Colorado said...

i'll have to find the appropriate computer to use to view those vids. something tells me that those might ring a few bells on the monitoring software.
I don't need to be so open minded to watch these that my brains fall out, do i? :-)

bUstr the cT said...

i. dn't. knw. wht. to. sy. i. m. t. a. lss. fr. wrds. tyopin. iz. hrd. fr. mee.
b nce to cts.

Lily said...

John--Slightly open-minded, brain can stay in place. I just don't want anyone to be offended. It's only for laughs.