Monday, April 14, 2008


*Gag* *Cough-cough*!!
I like Parsley, I really do. On food, and I like to watch it grow and harvest it and all.
But if you ever feel brave and want to do something daring.
Make yourself a Parsley Infusion. About a spoonful of dried Parsley with boiling water. Let it sit a few minutes, and let me know if I'm just a sissy.
God, the things we do when we've got to.... *takes another sip and gags*


sTaR the caT said...

one easy question...Why?

i eat grass when i want to throw up. are you trying to throw up, too?
i get hairballs.

Lily said...

Haha! I was wondering if someone would ask. But I wasn't counting on it too much, since I'm generally viewed as someone who would drink Parsley juice just because.

I wasn't trying to throw up, don't worry, though I know that grass is very good for that, Star. (Do try Fresh catnip!)

The parsley tea is an herbal remedy I read about and wanted to try....for what?? Well...a Girl thing. You wouldn't be interested.;P