Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Laundry day....

For most people, laundry day happens when they have nothing to wear but grandma panties.

For me, it happens when I realise with horror that the only pair left in my drawer is the black, lacy, sexy one.
It then downs on me that I will have to spend the day taking care of children, painting with my hands and playing outside while picking the scratchy piece of garment out of my butt.

The good thing with being single is that you can wear comfortable underwear without worrying about how it looks. Don't get me wrong I own no such thing as granny panties. Colorful, stylish and soft is my motto. But never am I going to wear this unexplainable invention they call a thong. Never! I see no point in willingly placing a string in that place. I can't understand how people can tolerate that torture.

And anyway....let's not illusion ourselves, it only looks acceptable on girls with medium-size bubble-butts. With a big-butt, the string disappears and with an overly skinny one it just looks wrong. Also, when you're a male, you just forget it. So it eliminates most of the population already.

Yeah, I may sound frustrated, but this time it can be explained by scratchy panties am forced to wear. No, it's not a thong...it's the kind, you know, between boy cut and thong. Which shows half the butt. And right now, I can't remember for the life of me why I thought buying this crap was a good idea. Never worn it, until this damned day. It scratches, it itches and it rides up. I'm fairly certain I will find lacy flower patterns on myself when I finally get rid of them tonight.

Positive thing is, I won't forget that I have to do the laundry tonight...I will be reminded *all day*. Maybe should buy granny panties....just in case it happens again.

PS. Spilled our entire catnip provision in the living room this morning. And that happened two minutes before I had to go. So cleaned up really quickly and ran out to catch my bus hoping that the remaining herbs scattered around won't drive the cats mad during the course of the day.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

What's wrong with people!!??

...Mother at home
...Mother has 4 years old daughter
...4 years old daughter sick
...4 years old daughter at daycare
....Mother at home

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Am a witch this year, yes, a blond and purple witch. No more are the sissy days when I used to dress up as an elf or a faery.

No, Halloween is a holiday of scares and horror, glitters won't do...if you're older then 10, that is. Don't care if girls at daycare dress up as glittery faery princesses. They all will anyway, it's like a tradition. Some girls won't show up as anything else, and the few who express wishes to go as Hermione Granger or the likes face a refusal from obsessive mothers who want their little girly girls to be as pretty and glittery as humanly possible. No way their little precious is gonna dress up in a drab old brown wig and black robe, not even if that's what they want.

Ugh!It feels like Christmas. All the little girls springing around in their pretty dresses. When I have a daughter, she is going to go as anything she damn well wants. Be it a bloody vampire, I will gladly help out to put on fangs. What is wrong with being scary on Halloween? It isn't Disney princesses day!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Henna can love or hate you

Recently got over my irrational fear of the wonderful natural product that is Henna.

That is, am conscious that it can do horrible things to previously chemically abused hair like mine, but discovered new kind of product, Henna based that is supposed to not turn hair baby-diarrhea-green or tar black and feeling like decomposing noodles.

So the first time I used the stuff, I picked the auburn color, and God! it turned my hair Tori-Goddess like.
Ultra soft and a nice, shiny reddish tint that was supposed to stay 4-5 shampoos. They felt full, incredible, I fell in love with the product. So after a few weeks I tried the Golden light brown one. When I came out of the shower, gave a yelp of terror and starred at the empty box with daggers and accusation in my eyes screaming WHY!? WHY!? I trusted you!!
What was supposed to turn golden brown turned dark reddish brown at the roots and black at the tips. Looked just horrible, was really not ready to go back to bi-colored freak yet.

So I washed 3 times in a row in a desperate attempt to wash the excess color away. Which only served to make the roots even paler and more freakishly noticeable. *sigh* The ends never lightened.
Did the same thing the night after, and it kind of evened out a bit...the tips at the front were still very black so did the first thing that came to my mind and I murdered those treacherous tips.

It was done in a fit of craziness and rage, but still, am now pretty happy with my new bangs. Bangs fit me well.:) I'll just have a few more explanations to give the hair-dresser next time I go for a cut...which is very rare, come to think of it...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Corpse Bride...

Was really excited to go see Tim Burton's new movie "Corpse Bride". Very cool, loved the colors and characters, those movies always have a great design and style to them. Since then, have been obsessed about making myself a corpse bride costume for Halloween. Forget about Amy Lee, Emily rocks. Realised after a while though, that would have hard time making self look like corpse, as have way to much meat on bones to achieve it. Perhaps I'll need another idea....BUT! Made me think that probably found the perfect costume for Mary-Kate Olsen! Now look at that picture, and tell me it isn't just ideal for the girl.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Went shopping for a scratching post this weekend. Because it is now final that Timine will keep his claws and my furniture has been begging me to make the torture stop.
So I was at the pet shop, innocently looking around, when I saw a furry little black thing from the corner of my eye. There, in a cage, amongst her brother and sisters, sat a tiny black kitten. She was looking at me with those adorable, slightly protuberant blue eyes. My heart stopped for a second. She was the cutest thing I had ever seen, and was exactly what I wanted Timine's future companion to look like. The only thing, was that she was a female...and I would have preferred a male. But I quickly got over that. Who cares! It would have been physically impossible for me to let her there when she was just so perfect.
Now, they told me she was two months old. And I believed them, but God! She is one tiny kitten! I realised that when we got home and Timine (that I thought so very small) stood at least three times higher then her. She looks like a mouse, compared to him. I just can't believe she is two months old... I called her Luna, the name came very naturally, and didn't cause as much trouble as Timine.
But now I'm worried. I know Timine isn't mean, but he don't seem to understand that she is not, in fact, a living toy. He can't just keep pouncing, and kicking and biting her like a mad thing! What can I do? It's driving me crazy to constantly separate them and to ear her horrible shrill cries when he gets to her! I have to put her in a room while I'm away and she doesn't like it, and vocalises her frustration very efficiently. Such a powerful voice in such a small thing.
And to top it off, she refused to eat this morning, and threw up some white stuff, not a lot, but the sight of her trying to retch it out made me so sad. I hope she's ok. Maybe she is stressed out because of Timine...Can't wait to get home.
Got out this morning already upset about poor Luna...then I realised my bike's brakes where broken.
Yay. If I didn't know any better, I'd say we were Monday.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Things are looking up!

They really are!

My first book project is basically over, and it turned out great, woman have been working with is very pleased with pictures and am more then happy.
Even went to party with her, mom, and Janie last Friday night. First party in a long time. Had lots of fun.

Then went to aunt's house for Easter supper last Sunday, was great. Haven't got myself drunk like last time, thank god. Honestly, that was the last thing missing before I truly became Bridget Jones, getting drunk and embarrassing myself and stumbling around at family gatherings. Never again, I had promised myself...and see, Sunday was great!

Even hair is going well. Not that it's growing at all, mind you, but at least it's toned down to an acceptable color, pretty close to natural shade.

Timine is going great, he's going to keep his claws, after all, became quite reasonable. Looks like someone *is* reading my blogs !

Spring is here, yay!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Ouch! Think I must look like some sort of scratching device or something.
Why else would kitty (ok, it's now official, his name is Timine. Pronounced Tee-mean, which basically means Kitty in French....how lame of me, but it fitted him so well.)
So, why would he scratch the face off of me like that!? I had decided to not have him de-clawed, but he seriously got me rethinking.

Between escalating the fake-tree and climbing up the back of my brand new couch all needle-claws out, he also seems to think it's fun the wake me up at night, pouncing not only on my legs (which is understandable), but also on my innocently sleeping face. I've got two nice scratches on my left cheek to prove it.

And also a few on my hands and four on my thigh. It's getting dangerous, seems like Timine is trying to send me a message here: Call the Vet quick, before you loose an eye girl! It still breaks my heart to have to do that....I'll wait a few weeks to see if things changes as he matures...who knows, if not, the front claws will have to go. Hope you read that, kitty.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

No more Pyg...hello Loki

By popular request, new kitty will no longer be called Pyg, short for Pygwillion. As the name has proved to be too complicated to pronounce in it's entirety and to farm-animal sounding when shortened. So I gave up.

Kitty spent yesterday night without a proper name while I looked trough every mythology, history and grimoire I own (All three of them!;P). In a desperate quest to find the perfect original name, for I will *not* have a cat named hairball, puffy, fluffy or any other similar names people like to call their animal.

I came up with a nice long list, some I will keep for future female cats, wouldn't want to effeminate poor kitty by calling him Strega or Gaia. A few names I considered were Callisto (Calli), Spica, Griffin, Moony, Sphynx, Doxy, but I finally ended up picking Loki. After getting the consent of entire family of course. To see if everyone could say it right...

Oooh, am really into redecorating these days. Always happens when am out of money. Finances are not great since sister has moved out, especially because I bought a brand new sofa ensemble while on my non-payed vacations. (Genius idea!) But the sofa is looking great, will get it tomorrow, is totally worth it. And money will come back to me, when it does, apartment will get grand makeover. (Inspired by awesome "Friends" decor) Am starting to draw a list of things needed which won't cost too much. Am all for recycling.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Madness of Kittens

Alright, I thought I knew cats. I thought I had witnessed or heard of every feline-oddity that existed.
What with Gibril spilling his food and water out of his bowls before eating it, Pixy sleeping in the bathtub, etc. Other then that, they were pretty tame, and relaxed....and I was used to that peace. Now...NOW! Ugh! Think am going crazy.

Pygwilion is still an absolute angel, but I didn't remember kitten to cause so much worrying. Dru certainly wasn't like that!

I thought I would be all upset and sad when I came home last night, with the absence of my babies and all, but Pyg didn't even give me time to think about things other then him.

The second I put the key in the lock I heard him running to the door and slouching against it. Yes, I had to push it open along with the little hairball. Ever so slowly, in total fright of crushing one of his little paws under the door. He seemed to think it very funny. Then I spent the whole time from coming home, to preparing dinner, to shower being careful not to crush him, (he quite enjoys getting tangled in my legs.)

I don't know what's up with him...he's got this undeniable talent for finding every dangerous place and thing and trying it. He has a very developed taste for danger he has.
He recently found out that he could indeed climb on the back of the rocking-chair (which seems like Mount Everest to him) and use it to climb the fake tree in the corner. One would think he would have understood after a few times, that this is not a real thing, with roots and all, and that it does fall down when a big kitty throws itself into it.

Unlike normal cats, he doesn't like to go to sleep on a chair, or the sofa, or some other comfy, safe place.
No, for Pyg, it's sleeping on the edge of a huge cushion looming over the deadly precipice that is the sofa's side. I know I should let him experience things for himself...but I can't help it, he gets me so worried. How can I work in these conditions of constant stress!? I tried to start a painting last night, I ended up constantly looking out for him, seeing if he wasn't too far over the edge of his cushion, or preventing the tree to fall once again and getting his little hairy paws out of my paint palette (complete failure).

And when I thought I would be at peace in bed, now is time for Pyg to play. Meaning running and pouncing all over my bed, purring and scratching at my hair all night. All the while worrying about him not eating enough. Sigh

Having a kitten demands time and energy. I can't wait for him to become an old lazy cat like Gigi and Pixy, whose only craziness consisted of spilling food.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Oh! The humanity!

Darn it, just when was beginning to be happy with my hair. Scissor-fever is back at full strength.
I had resolved to let hair grow, and dye it black from time to time. Now hair is beginning to go a bit past my ears, it is growing sloooooowly. And I am not a patient girl when it comes to hair growing. I couldn't help but to think that it would accelerate the process to trim them a bit.

Especially since have found my ends to be kind of split, not to say downright horrible-looking yesterday. I had flat-ironed them and so they were angry. Not only that, hair started behaving strangely. Flat at some very inappropriate places and sticking up at odd angles where it made me look like some kind of mad pixie.

Am really glad not to be working in a formal environment, surely would have been fired on account of scaring customers off. The only thing left to do was to tie them up with daycare-available color elastics. Looked like overgrown 4 year old, and didn't help relationship with hair at all.

So yesterday night (after picking up latest Tori CD!!Yay!Beekeeper!!) washed them again and let them do their natural curly thing. It usually looks kind of Frodo-like but obviously more acceptable then previous flat/spiky on the sides look.

Looked fine before I went to bed, and looked fine when I looked in the mirror this morning. But it is not a very good day starter to look at the back of your head and find that you can see scalp.
It seems like curls freaked out from being slept on. Again sticking out and away at certain places and flat at others, revealing bits of scalp. Very traumatic. Had to arrange and pin hair to hide, but very hard to do with short hair and have to consider am wearing a hat to go outside.

So am now seriously thinking of cutting and letting it grow it's natural color. Would save me so much time and energy to stop thinking about right anti color-fading shampoo, right color to die them, bleach, scalp showing and odd pieces of hair sticking out.

But as I want to be reasonable, am giving myself some time to think and will wait till Monday till I cut anything. Will see if hair is only getting through an awkward phase. If not, will go the pixie-cut way. At least will not shave it like I thought before....too extreme, even for me.
Well, enough of the rambling, must go to work...with hideous hair....