Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Went shopping for a scratching post this weekend. Because it is now final that Timine will keep his claws and my furniture has been begging me to make the torture stop.
So I was at the pet shop, innocently looking around, when I saw a furry little black thing from the corner of my eye. There, in a cage, amongst her brother and sisters, sat a tiny black kitten. She was looking at me with those adorable, slightly protuberant blue eyes. My heart stopped for a second. She was the cutest thing I had ever seen, and was exactly what I wanted Timine's future companion to look like. The only thing, was that she was a female...and I would have preferred a male. But I quickly got over that. Who cares! It would have been physically impossible for me to let her there when she was just so perfect.
Now, they told me she was two months old. And I believed them, but God! She is one tiny kitten! I realised that when we got home and Timine (that I thought so very small) stood at least three times higher then her. She looks like a mouse, compared to him. I just can't believe she is two months old... I called her Luna, the name came very naturally, and didn't cause as much trouble as Timine.
But now I'm worried. I know Timine isn't mean, but he don't seem to understand that she is not, in fact, a living toy. He can't just keep pouncing, and kicking and biting her like a mad thing! What can I do? It's driving me crazy to constantly separate them and to ear her horrible shrill cries when he gets to her! I have to put her in a room while I'm away and she doesn't like it, and vocalises her frustration very efficiently. Such a powerful voice in such a small thing.
And to top it off, she refused to eat this morning, and threw up some white stuff, not a lot, but the sight of her trying to retch it out made me so sad. I hope she's ok. Maybe she is stressed out because of Timine...Can't wait to get home.
Got out this morning already upset about poor Luna...then I realised my bike's brakes where broken.
Yay. If I didn't know any better, I'd say we were Monday.