Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back from my Blogging Coma

I was planning of updating through my three weeks vacations, to talk about New York and all that, but it seems like I just didn't have time. Real life strikes again.

But I had so much fun! New York, Quebec, and many other little pleasant things. I even went blonde (with the use of bleach!) And I'll post a picture as soon as I have access to a camera that hasn't fallen on Madame Tussaud's floor.

So, after many weeks, you would have thought that I'd have plenty to blog about. Afterall, we road a speedboat and the NY Metro, got all of our bike's wheels cut open in a New Jersey Ghetto. Went to Planet Hollywood to eat the best burgers EVER. Walked in Times Square and ate red-velvet muffins from the Magnolia Bakery. (Also gained a good 5 pounds from all that crazy eating out.)

Got caught in the century's thunderstorm in Central Park, and had a hot-chocolate at Starbucks while trying to get dry (under the bathroom's hand-dryer).

Smoked from a carved out apple with Sis and Brother-in-law(and a potato...and a cucumber...), went up the Empire State Building and saw the crappy show that goes with it. BF even helped me to Zen-ise my apartment. (Read: getting rid of the accumulating crap.)

See, many entertaining subjects available....yet the ONE thing that made me worked up enough to log into my that:

Damnit! What the Hell?? I kinda like Madonna...her music anyway, and I think it's great that she is still super in shape and pretty at 50...but ugh! Put on some pants woman!!
This picture is the one I see everywhere around the net these days. And honestly, I find it pretty revolting. (If you don't, make it a closeup)

Alright, she has every right to thrust her muscly, hip-bone-showing-panty-covered crotch in the world face, but I also have to right to say EEEeeeeeWWWwww!

I understand that she might want to show off how buff she is, and that she has most likely a 2% body fat ratio (that 2% being her breasts of course.) I certainly would. But that outfit is just so....NO!
I know she could do much better, still show what she's got and even look younger. Evidence from the same show:

A transparent skirt can do miracles....

Friday, August 01, 2008

Rihanna is freakin' disturbing!

Have you seen Rihanna's new video? Disturbia!! Freaky.
(I know I've not been very original with the title, but it's hard to think when you've still got the mental picture of white eyes and crawly spider spasming in your mind as you type.)

Hoooray for difference though. There should be more videos like this. It reminds me a bit of Christina Aguilera's video for "Stronger". Only creepier, thus more interesting. I like to scare myself.

Breaking News!

Catherine from Tricot machine has gone red!

And not the sissy kind of reddish-glow either, full-on Tori Amos orange!

Saw her on TV last night, and don't have any picture yet. (The one at the top has obviously been modified by me.ha!)

But I'm kinda shocked. Not because she looks bad, in fact, it makes her look even more like a doll with the blue eyes and all.

It's just...I had figured her to be the all-natural, no makeup, wear only homemade locally jumper-dresses kind of girl. And now her brown hair is orange. Still the same freaky cut and pony-tail, but carrot-colored.

Hmmm...maybe it's Henna....yeah, I guess Henna could do that.