Friday, December 29, 2006

Good Resolutions....

Apparently (okay, I got that from Bridget Jones' Diary...), humans can live happily if they give themselves small, short-term goals to pursue. So I think I will do that this year, it's kind of a cool idea.

Goal no1---I will eat more healthily, more veggies, fruits, proteins, etc. And I will learn to cook food that is good for me, and that isn't pasta or hot-dogs. (First goal, learn to bake bread.)

Goal no2---I will clean up around the apartment more often, so as to not get discouraged when Saturday morning comes.

Goal no3---I will stop seeking love, for I am perfectly happy alone. So whatever needs to happen will happen.

Goal no4---I will stop feeling guilty when I get celebrity crushes. This is just who I am, and I should accept that.

Goal no5---I will work out at least 3-4 times a week. (Not at the gym, outside in the fresh air.)

Goal no6---I will comb my cats at least a day out of two, so they don't get all those hairballs and knots.

Goal no7---I will paint and draw more...I've been neglecting that this year....

And finally....instead of gaining the obligatory 10 pounds during my two weeks Christmas holidays...I will actually loose 10! I'm all resolute now! I have combined Goal 1 and 5 this week, and I plan on doing so next week too. Of course, it IS the holidays, so resolutions don't count at family holiday dinners. (Where I eat and drink an obscene amount of calories but wouldn't want it any other way!)

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

2006 review....

It isn't December 31th yet, but I suspect I won't have much time to blog when it actually I'll be too busy thinking up a list of New Years' resolution, so there you go.
This years......

I got upset because Alanis Morissette went Blondie! (Why! Why? she still blond?)

My disgust with Jehovah's Witnesses reached a new high point ever since they told my father he couldn't speak to me anymore. Damn those indoctrinated bastards!! Wake up dad!!!

I discovered the wonderful world of the DaVinci Code---read the book (many times), waited impatiently for the movie to come out in theaters, walked miles under the rain to see it the night it came out, got obsessed with Audrey Tautou and Paul Bettany, resulting in my discovering many other awesome movies (Do see "Amélie"!). Waited for what seemed like years to finally be able to buy the DVD. And now I can relax at last!

Got my hair red, because of Tori Amos.

Switched to healthier food and litter-stuff for my kitties. Also discovered awesome natural-care woman for them.

According to my blog entries...nothing really happened this last summer, it's all a big blank..Hmmm

So back in September...
Heard about and read Inkheart, am still in process of reading the second part, Inkspell. I also can't wait to see what the movie will be like.

Ooooh!My nose was lucky enough to discover Guerlain Vetiver...and I will admit here, to my greatest shame and endless humiliation, that I only went and smelled that perfume because I read that genius actor Paul Bettany wears that. (Shame, shame, shame on me for being such a fangirl!) I really did fell in love with it though, or I wouldn't have bought a bottle.

Laundry machine price went up 75 cents, which is surely the biggest and most important drama this year.

Discovered that coffee in a cup will taste like chewed paper if additioned with fake-sugar. Am still taking fake-sugar half the time in spite of it.

Had a few strangers wave at me, still have not resolved this mystery.

Have discovered I am in fact, a solitary introvert....who still adores to go out in the crowd and watch people. Adding to the probability that I will end up an old lady living happy and alone with her books and cats.

Developed an ongoing fascination for actress Helena Bonham-Carter, her unbelievably cool hair and fashion line.

Got caught on buses with un-hygienic-smelling people. Managed not to throw up on them.

Fixed holes left by cats' claws on my screen-door with hot glue. Screen door looks like crap.

At last! Got completely satisfied with look and feel of my own hair.

Survived a traumatizing bee attack un-harmed.

Missed Loreena McKennit signing event due to laziness. (Put "Stop being lazy" on resolution list.)

Got my bank account card cloned, thus gained a new paranoia.

And hopefully.....Will have held a wonderful, magical Christmas Dinner on December the 16th. (Yeah, because I still believe in positive thinking.)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Musical Muses...

Meet the two talented ladies who have inhabited my CD player for the last weeks....

Lorreena McKennit and Nelly Furtado.
Two completely different styles of music, two incredibly different artists...but I'm just addicted to both their new CDs.
They are definitely two of my Top5 albums this year. (The DaVinci Code soundtrack is also part of that list, of course.)
An Ancient Muse makes me travel in far away countries and back in time whenever I want to. Loreena has some kind of mystical talent to create music like that.
And Nelly F.'s Loose simply make me wanna dance like a mad woman every time I hear a tune of hers. Especially Maneater and Promiscuous. I suspect it must be possible to actually *see* where the CD is worn out by the thousands of times I listened to them.
(She also motivates me to work out, which is always a positive thing, especially in cold weather.)

And so I officially nominate them Lily's 2006 Muses.

Apartment is: pretty nice looking, with the Christmas tree and lights. Although I tend to neglect things a bit when I am stressed out, and the whole bank account, cloned card ordeal made me nervous, now that it's alright, I should start picking up every dish and piece of clothe I left wherever they chanced to fall...I'll do that tonight.

Recipes found: WAY too many! And now choosing is the problem.

Cats are: Pretty happy. Timine just adores my Christmas tree, in fact, he seems to like it enough to constantly try to eat it's ornaments. I suspect he does it only when I'm there to get upset at him too.....who said animal couldn't be manipulative and looking for attention? They'd need to see Timine when I just got cocooned up on the sofa with a cup of tea and he innocently hops on the chair near the tree. The *look* he gives me when he starts to gnaw or claw at a glittery gold apple ever so delicately is just unbelievable.
I just love that cat.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Count Down...

Only 5 days before my Christmas Dinner. Panic starting to slowly settled in, mixed with lots of anticipation...I mean, I even spent 30 minutes last weeks unscrewing the door from the second room to use as huge table top. (Because my own little single-girl table sure as hell won't have place for 8 guests.)
I'm so not used to have people over, it's really like the event of the year for me and my cats. 8 people! All at the same time!

Good thing I won't have to prepare all the food, everyone agreed to bring something. All I have to do is make cranberry sauce, Honey-glazed carrots and some kind of hot beverage...mulled-wine or something of the sort. I need to find a great recipe though.... and will probably make little present thingies for guests. What will those be? Chocolate coffee grains? oh my God, I should have thought about that way before today.

The biggest problem now still is...what will decorate the center of my table-door. It needs to be classy, yet organic and traditional-looking to give a bit of ol' Yule spirit. There is so many hard to choose from.
And I want my apartment to look nice and put together as to not give impression to my family that I've turned into some sort of hopeless bachelorette with cats... even if I really am. Ehehehe


Like I need this right now!

My bank card got cloned!!! It's like everything else, you always think it only happens to others...and then a cashier tells you while you have your arms full of bags, that your darn account has been deactivated! (Lucky I still had my credit card, I wasn't about to leave those nice dishes I had finally found for Saturday's party.)

What kind of stupid pathetic bastards do that? They could at least be considerate and *not* do this kind of stuff around the holidays! Don't we have enough to do for the next two weeks? Don't *they* have Christmas dinners to prepare and gifts to wrap?

Now I need to go to the bank tonight, get a new card, learn a new password that I will keep forgetting...and get the 280$ that they took from me back.

And they have officially made me Miss Paranoia Monster starting today. I will need to figure something out about the usage of that card...because I will never feel safe again. I used it way too much anyway....Thinking about taking all money out of bank and hiding it under mattress like an old lady....