Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Musical Muses...

Meet the two talented ladies who have inhabited my CD player for the last weeks....

Lorreena McKennit and Nelly Furtado.
Two completely different styles of music, two incredibly different artists...but I'm just addicted to both their new CDs.
They are definitely two of my Top5 albums this year. (The DaVinci Code soundtrack is also part of that list, of course.)
An Ancient Muse makes me travel in far away countries and back in time whenever I want to. Loreena has some kind of mystical talent to create music like that.
And Nelly F.'s Loose simply make me wanna dance like a mad woman every time I hear a tune of hers. Especially Maneater and Promiscuous. I suspect it must be possible to actually *see* where the CD is worn out by the thousands of times I listened to them.
(She also motivates me to work out, which is always a positive thing, especially in cold weather.)

And so I officially nominate them Lily's 2006 Muses.

Apartment is: pretty nice looking, with the Christmas tree and lights. Although I tend to neglect things a bit when I am stressed out, and the whole bank account, cloned card ordeal made me nervous enough...so...yeah, now that it's alright, I should start picking up every dish and piece of clothe I left wherever they chanced to fall...I'll do that tonight.

Recipes found: WAY too many! And now choosing is the problem.

Cats are: Pretty happy. Timine just adores my Christmas tree, in fact, he seems to like it enough to constantly try to eat it's ornaments. I suspect he does it only when I'm there to get upset at him too.....who said animal couldn't be manipulative and looking for attention? They'd need to see Timine when I just got cocooned up on the sofa with a cup of tea and he innocently hops on the chair near the tree. The *look* he gives me when he starts to gnaw or claw at a glittery gold apple ever so delicately is just unbelievable.
I just love that cat.

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