Monday, December 11, 2006


Like I need this right now!

My bank card got cloned!!! It's like everything else, you always think it only happens to others...and then a cashier tells you while you have your arms full of bags, that your darn account has been deactivated! (Lucky I still had my credit card, I wasn't about to leave those nice dishes I had finally found for Saturday's party.)

What kind of stupid pathetic bastards do that? They could at least be considerate and *not* do this kind of stuff around the holidays! Don't we have enough to do for the next two weeks? Don't *they* have Christmas dinners to prepare and gifts to wrap?

Now I need to go to the bank tonight, get a new card, learn a new password that I will keep forgetting...and get the 280$ that they took from me back.

And they have officially made me Miss Paranoia Monster starting today. I will need to figure something out about the usage of that card...because I will never feel safe again. I used it way too much anyway....Thinking about taking all money out of bank and hiding it under mattress like an old lady....

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