Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oh MY GOD!!!Awesome!

Woke up this morning to wonderful news!!
Loreena McKennitt...the absolute Canadian goddess of Celtic and world music will be sitting 15 minutes away from where I live....this Saturday! THIS Saturday! And I didn't even know!

She will be at a huge music store to promote her latest album, and I simply WILL be there. There is no way I'm missing the's bad enough that I missed Tori Amos last time she had a show in Montreal.

Thinking of making an ink drawing just for this occasion...a tree maybe...a Celtic tree...with lyrics to The Mystic's Dream...and hopefully have her sign it....Perhaps even get a picture....
Oh my GOD! I feel like such a desperate fan girl! But this woman is pure talent, an incredible soul, she had travelled the world and created music that will haunt me forever and in so many ways. (And her hair is really very pretty too, ehehehe.)

I do wonder if she is popular enough here, that there will be a big crowd...blocking me....Oh no...

Positive thoughts...all will go well, all will be fine....

***December 11th update----Of course, I did not go. I didn't even make a drawing for her to sign. I'd like to say that something huge got in the way...we *did* have an ice storm...but the simple tragic truth is: I felt just too damn lazy to figure out which buses to take to get there...and I didn't fancy travelling alone. Blah! I'm a lost cause!!)*****

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