Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I feel I should give a special bravo to the two little guys and one girl who contributed to keeping Halloween traditional...let's applause Mr. Ladybug, Miss Clown, and Spider man...(Although I think that Spider man and Batman costumes might be the male equivalent to the Princesses...hmmm)

Pictured here, is my costume this year. Yes, a black cat. Because I've never been one before.
And my brother David's valiant attempt to keep Halloween the night of gruesome, spirit world and scary stuff alive. I helped him fix this Japanese-ghost-movie-girl costume in 5 minutes this morning. Inspired by a healthy mix of The Grudge and The Ring. I'm thinking it might work as some kind of therapy for him, to be in those characters' skin instead of just terrified by them.

Halloween 2006 Fairie-princess count

Let me say again, that I have nothing against little girls at daycare dressing up as princesses. They are cute as buttons all glittered up like that. But this is confirming my theory that Halloween is slowly becoming The Disney-Princess-Fairies-Unicorns-and-everything-pretty-Holiday....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Whatever will I do?

So everyone who knows me by now will remember that there is no way I will have a cat declawed ever again.
But it does bring it's own little problems to leave a cat complete. (Make that two cats).

You would think that younger Luna would be the trouble-maker...but noooo. Because girls, we all know for sure that it's the boys who are trouble. And Timine, bless his sweet bushy tail, is no exception.

Since last spring, I obviously like to leave the patio door open. With the screen door closed of course, don't want another fiasco like the time Luna decided it was a good idea to jump down the balcony.
But now, I look at my screen door, and it's completely mutilated. Tiny holes everywhere (that shouldn't be there). You see, Timine, all 10 lbs+ of his adorable little self....he likes to sprint full speed from the room to the living room and climb right up the screen door. And then stay there and cry for help, seemingly not remembering how he got up there. It's like he gets a few seconds of crazed black-out where his instincts take over and he becomes totally wild!

What will I do....I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this problem....

Monday, October 09, 2006

Paper-Coffee Update

I'm here today to offer public apologies.
I just realized that the nasty taste of paper that was in those cups of coffee I talked about earlier was in no way the employee's fault.

It was mine and mine alone. Mea Culpa. Because it seems that I can successfully mess up even the most well-made coffee all by myself. And the reason? The blame goes to that fake sugar stuff in their little packets. Tempting. No calories.....But can leave a definitely unpleasing taste, it seems.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cool Cat

By some miracle, I found a photo of the black cat decoration I was talking about earlier this week. It's exactly the same! (But not my photo. Thank you, anonymous person and their cat).

Isn't it very cool looking? It's now standing proudly in my kitchen window, and when I'm leaving for work in the morning, I like to walk pass my window on purpose to see it. That's how much I like it.

The funny thing is, I must be one of the few strange persons who find it hot, because the cashier just laughed and said "Oh, sorry, I just find it so ugly!" Probably meaning: "Good god! I didn't think anyone in their right mind would put out 6 bucks for that horror."
Alright, it's made of the stuff you put in Christmas tree, only it's black instead of gold...but hey, isn't it like a tribute the the Nightmare Before Christmas? You know, with the mixed holidays....I like to think so.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sounds of Fall

I have to say, I was feeling a bit crappy this morning.
Well it rains, and when you need to go out, it's not always fun. But hey, it's fall....

But as I was walking the two minutes separating the bus stop from work, I suddenly slowed down and looked around me instead of the wet, depressing street under my feet.
The raining had calmed down, and there were only little droplets still falling. The sun was peeking behind the cloud and there was a soft light on the yellow maple trees on my left. They almost looked like gold. It was all so soft and beautiful...and then the sounds. The sound of rain on the trees, and of a few leaves falling trough the branches to the ground (They do make a sound, all you need is listen for it.) The squirrels and birds still carrying on in spite of the weather. It was magic, magic I tell you. One of the many reasons why I love this season so much.

PS. Photo not actual view I had, of course. Unfortunately, I don't live or work in a beautiful century-old, fairy-containing forest.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Smelly people

Fresh air please!!
Now, I like to think that I am a generally good person. I try not to judge people, most of the time. But I'm having a lot of trouble having sympathy for smelly people. In these days and age, there is no reason for a person to go around smelling like sweaty, rotting garbage. No reason! Soap is cheap and water is free. I mean, if you are a homeless person, I would be more inclined to understand, (but even homeless people can wash now...)

I am just coming home from a bit of shopping (found a awesome black-cat decoration, might blog about it tomorrow, it's wicked!)...and I came back on the bus, not fun to walk in the rain with bags and heels.

So I sit on the bus with my bags, waiting for it to go, and it's pretty full, a few more people come in and I see them from afar. It's strange...but...most of the times, I can guess who might be one of the smellies. And these two people fitted exactly the profile. There is no place left anywhere, so I pull my bags on my lap and Mr. Smelly sits next to me with his shopping huge bag. Oh god. The smells hits me like a ton of bricks and I know this is gonna be a very long five minutes. At this point I smile graciously, and just turn my head to look out the window, trying to put as much distance as I can between my offended nose and this person.

Now I'm sure he was a nice man, but my god, is it so hard to wash? Is it that they become used to the smell? Is it something they eat? Can't be, it smells of neglect. Horrible. I take a quick look at the man, he has his arms propped-up on his bag, I quickly turn back to window-gazing. Alternating between breathing very shallowly and taking big gulps of air and holding it as long as I can before turning purple. There is traffic, 5 minutes becomes 10, and the smell is still as bad as ever, threatening to make me loose my lunch every time the men moves.

It wouldn't have been that bad, but I guess it wasn't my lucky day, because they transferred in the same bus as I did . 5 more minutes of hell. So glad I don't live an hour away from the mall.

Now, all I want to do, is spray some Guerlain Vetiver on a fuzzy blanket and curl up in it, basking in the wonderful, pure, delightful smell.