Sunday, October 01, 2006

Smelly people

Fresh air please!!
Now, I like to think that I am a generally good person. I try not to judge people, most of the time. But I'm having a lot of trouble having sympathy for smelly people. In these days and age, there is no reason for a person to go around smelling like sweaty, rotting garbage. No reason! Soap is cheap and water is free. I mean, if you are a homeless person, I would be more inclined to understand, (but even homeless people can wash now...)

I am just coming home from a bit of shopping (found a awesome black-cat decoration, might blog about it tomorrow, it's wicked!)...and I came back on the bus, not fun to walk in the rain with bags and heels.

So I sit on the bus with my bags, waiting for it to go, and it's pretty full, a few more people come in and I see them from afar. It's strange...but...most of the times, I can guess who might be one of the smellies. And these two people fitted exactly the profile. There is no place left anywhere, so I pull my bags on my lap and Mr. Smelly sits next to me with his shopping huge bag. Oh god. The smells hits me like a ton of bricks and I know this is gonna be a very long five minutes. At this point I smile graciously, and just turn my head to look out the window, trying to put as much distance as I can between my offended nose and this person.

Now I'm sure he was a nice man, but my god, is it so hard to wash? Is it that they become used to the smell? Is it something they eat? Can't be, it smells of neglect. Horrible. I take a quick look at the man, he has his arms propped-up on his bag, I quickly turn back to window-gazing. Alternating between breathing very shallowly and taking big gulps of air and holding it as long as I can before turning purple. There is traffic, 5 minutes becomes 10, and the smell is still as bad as ever, threatening to make me loose my lunch every time the men moves.

It wouldn't have been that bad, but I guess it wasn't my lucky day, because they transferred in the same bus as I did . 5 more minutes of hell. So glad I don't live an hour away from the mall.

Now, all I want to do, is spray some Guerlain Vetiver on a fuzzy blanket and curl up in it, basking in the wonderful, pure, delightful smell.

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