Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Whatever will I do?

So everyone who knows me by now will remember that there is no way I will have a cat declawed ever again.
But it does bring it's own little problems to leave a cat complete. (Make that two cats).

You would think that younger Luna would be the trouble-maker...but noooo. Because girls, we all know for sure that it's the boys who are trouble. And Timine, bless his sweet bushy tail, is no exception.

Since last spring, I obviously like to leave the patio door open. With the screen door closed of course, don't want another fiasco like the time Luna decided it was a good idea to jump down the balcony.
But now, I look at my screen door, and it's completely mutilated. Tiny holes everywhere (that shouldn't be there). You see, Timine, all 10 lbs+ of his adorable little self....he likes to sprint full speed from the room to the living room and climb right up the screen door. And then stay there and cry for help, seemingly not remembering how he got up there. It's like he gets a few seconds of crazed black-out where his instincts take over and he becomes totally wild!

What will I do....I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this problem....

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