Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McGregor to play Hot Priest!

Oh my God!

I have been a bad fangirl!

Of course, I knew that they were filming an Angels and Demons movie. Read the book a long time ago and loved it. Fascinated by all that anti-matter, Illuminati, Vatican stuff.

And I was pretty sure I'd like the movie as much as I like the DaVinci Code. (I don't care how many people tell me it was crap, I loved it. I'm a sucker for easy action sequences and mysterious plots about Jesus and Mary Magadalene.)

I didn't know much more about that new movie though, only that Tom Hanks reprises his role as Robert Langdon. But this morning, I gasped out loud when I read that EWAN MCGREGOR is in it! Not only that, he plays Carlo Ventresca! The "main priest" of that story.

The casting director of these movies sure knows how to pick his ecclesiastic male cast. First, Paul Bettany as a monk in DaVinci, and Ewan McGregor as a priest in this. I'm forever grateful.

Here's a picture I found...

Ooooh! Reminds me why I love this actor. Ever since Moulin Rouge, he's my very favorite.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today's Avatar that made me giggle

That "Vomito de Gato" warning, seen on one of the websites I like to visit.
Because it makes me think that owning one of those would be totally useful.
And also, the picture is funny, and the fact that it's in Spanish takes it to the next level.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

And it's the time of the year to rewatch the timeless classic, Nightmare Before Christmas.

Boyfriend never saw it, so I'm pretty excited to watch it with him this time.

This Halloween, one of my little bros even asked me to help him paint Jack Skellington on their pumpkin. Turned out kinda cool!
Also, I've changed my mind...I think I'll go as a Zombie girl. I just need to find a dress I can tear up strategically and mess up my hair real good, a bit of makeup and voila!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween partie's are about to take us by storm...

...And I'm so not prepared.
I mean yes, we all know that I will once again end up going as a black cat, a witch or a combination of both. But I still live in the fantasy where I'll magically come up with something so original and cool that I'll win every costume contest in town.

Boyfriend is thinking about being the Terminator dude....With half of his face made up as a robot of some kind. I'd do the makeup of course, after all, I'm the one who's insisting on him having a costume. And this is kind of simple, nothing else really needed. So all the pressure is on me, but I love it.

Party I'm planing to assist to is this Saturday, so I don't have much time...a Witch it will probably there such a thing as a Terminator girl??? And would she have red hair? Because I just remembered that I've also got a red-head wig...hmmm.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Would we make it?

The book I'm reading these days takes place in medieval Europe. It's incredibly detailed and realistic in it's portrayal of life in these times. It's gruesome and almost scary, to read how terrible and hard life was back then.
And it made me think of an article I read not too long ago, written to make the readers think about how we would all survive if the facilities and installations we've got in place now would all collapse or disappear in the near future, without warning.
To make it simple, we would be screwed. Totally screwed.
Life without electricity, without cars or running water. No heat, no real shelter, no supermarket or stores.

Have you ever tried growing food in your backyard?? I mean, we've got excellent conditions and everything to succeed, available water, tools, little sprouts that are all ready to grow.
But we know fully well that we couldn't survive a whole year with what little vegetable grows in our gardens.

Now imagine having to start from nothing...seeds....and even then, can't buy seeds at the local gardening store. We'd have to collect water from the rain or nearest river. Our future would depend on the good will of rodents and bugs, of rain and sun.
And what about winter? Most of us don't even know how to preserve and can food.
Not even talking about meat, dairies and grains here.

We'd have some matches left to make fire, sure, maybe, but how long would they last before we would need to constantly keep watch of the precious fire to stay alive.

It makes me a little nervous an paranoid to see how we are like spoiled babies, totally dependent of what we are used to have so easily. Food is just TOO easy to have, we would be much less greedy and would eat only what we really needed if the eggs depended on our two or tree chickens and veggies were precious and rare.
If the bread we ate was made with our bare hands from the grains we've grown and flour we've grounded.
But we all live a comfortable life, at least lets appreciate it. We live like royalty, even deities.
I love that I don't have to be in survival mode all the time, and that my mind can be put to "useless" things like drawing and decorating and what movie I'd like to see next.
But there will always be that little spot at the back of my mind, when I buy bread and meat at the store, or eat and drink way too much, or lie lazily in front of the TV or go to the bathroom in the middle of a freezing winter night, that says...would I make it?

I am French afterall (and it shows)

So...starting today, in Quebec, happens the "Sommet de la Francophonie", which celebrates the French language all over the world. It's kind of a big thing, (although this morning was the first time ever I heard of this).

That, and a post from one of my french web friends made me think that perhaps, I should at least have a French version of my Blog. I would never abandon the Silly Kitchen Witch, because I know some of you speak only English...and also, I love pretending I can write in Shakespeare's words.
But I will attempt to translate my, I proudly present:
LA Silly Kitchen Witch-en Francais-
Merci beaucoup!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Two Doll Posses in a Relationship

First--I opened my blog on my home computer yesterday and noticed that only my first Doll appeared, if that happens to anyone (Chéri??)--just click on the post's title and the whole thing will open properly.

Now, I was still thinking about the doll theory this morning, and what it would look like, if the parts of ourselves became real life, separate people, especially when they try to form a relationship with someone else...

Friendship--Is kind of easier, some of our dolls click with another girl's (sometimes boy's) dolls. They like to hang out, they just don't fall in love with each other. But it can become very strong, especially if they all like each other. They don't live together, so it eliminated many obstacles.

Failed relationships--That would be when some of the dolls fall in love with some of a guy's....ummm, I don't know....G.I.Joe posse.
Let's say, the Sexy Doll and Nature doll are head over heals for His Sexy Joe and Hippy or intellectual Joe, but the two others have to be locked in their room, and they get mad.
Or...Artist and Silly are free to come out, but they don't feel at ease with the other G.I Joes, so they prefer to stay away. And the relationship can never fully develop.
Or some doll plain just hates one of the G.I.s and it's doomed for the others.

Relationships that are made to last--
This is the hardest one to achieve, but you feel so lucky once you do know it's possible. It's hard! It's like putting ten people or so in the same room and hope for the best. Wish that everyone will get along, even better, fall in love. It doesn't happen often.
In a lasting relationship, every doll and every G.I Joe feels free to come out and socialize. They even love it. They enjoy the company of everyone else. And it's like a big party when everyone knows that they are wanted, loved and accepted.
Cohabitation is a step harder, and sometimes, some of the dolls need time to adapt to being close to so many new Joes all the time. But it can work, when no one is getting pissed or forgotten.
It does work.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lily's Doll Posse

On her last CD, Tori Amos explained the concept that every normal human has many different facets to their personality. And that each could be taken apart and observed, and that it was a good thing to do to learn to know ourselves.
Tori did it very visually, bringing four of them to life as characters.
In order to be balanced, we must be able to recognize and accept the different personas, while being also capable of mixing them all together equally, and in harmony. I like that concept, so I decided to do the here are the four girls that make up the Liliane that I am.

(The Nature Girl)

Hair-- Long, wavy and all-natural
Music--Loreena Mc Kennit, Enya, Claire Pelletier
Drinks/Food--Herbal and Green teas, brews, fruits and veggies
Movies-- Mists of Avalon, Practical Magic

She's the one who would happily live in a hippy commune, learning macrame and vegetarian cooking.
The one who would wear peasant skirts and beads with flowers in her hair.
She loves to walk in the woods, pick apples, gardening and cooking strange stuff. Really into incenses, candles, herbalism, cats, zen and granola stores and restaurants.
She is a hopeless romantic and love cuddling, spooning and cocooning with her love. Long kisses and sensual massages.

As a child, she played Native-American tribe with her friends and painted her face while making baskets out of leaves.

(The Serious/Intellectual/Artistic one)

Hair--Kept simple and smart
Music--Bjork, Tori Amos, Dido, Sarah McLachlan
Drinks/Food--Coffee, Espresso, Sushi
Movies--Amelie Poulin, Girl with a Pearl Earring, DaVinci Code

Lilian is always in charge of important decision making, and she does all the
paper work and bill paying.
She really likes when everything is balanced and in order. She believes in a husband, a house and children.
Loves to read books that make her think and music with a meaning. She paints and draws when she feels like it and is the one that has a slight curiosity for politics.

As a child, she was the teacher's pet, always did her homework and had great respect for any authority.

(The Physical/Sexy one)
Hair--Very straight, stylish cut, funky colors
Music--Madonna, Britney, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Club Music
Drinks/Foods--CranberryVodka, Rum and coke, chocolate and strawberries
Movies--Moulin Rouge, Sex in the City, Original Sin
She's the naughty one, likes to buy and wear corsets, tight dresses, push-up bras and fuck-me boots. She's a big spender. Always feels sexy and is kind of a nympho.
She's up for anything, loves to go to clubs or hot nights at home...also, she enjoys porn.
Will find the sexy in all kinds of different songs and music, from Madonna's Erotica to Marylin Manson's Personal Jesus.
Would gladly dress up as a naughty (maid/nurse/schoolgirl) for Halloween.

As a child, she tried to look down women's shirts and wanted to buy cute lingerie even when she was too young for anyone else but her to see it.
(The Silly one)
Hair--Super curly and wild, reddish
Music--Tricot Machine, Alanis Morissette, Oldies silly songs
Drinks/Foods--Anything sugary, fast food, candy
Movies--Napoleon Dynamite, Bridget Jones, Tim Burtons

Like to wear colorful, eccentric clothes, funny hats and plastic jewelry.
Falls in love and buys things like red shoes and patch worked pajama bottoms.
Always up for a funny movie or show, she loves to laugh until her sides hurt. Thinks characters like Simple Jack are pure comedy.
Enjoys the company of kids and immature people and feels totally alive when covered in mud or paint.
Very messy, she is the one who leaves her stuff all over the place for Lilian to pick up and clean.
Other interests: Facebooking, board-games, the Simpsons, jumping around to silly songs like "Short Dick Man".

As a child, she ate candies clandestinely.