Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween partie's are about to take us by storm...

...And I'm so not prepared.
I mean yes, we all know that I will once again end up going as a black cat, a witch or a combination of both. But I still live in the fantasy where I'll magically come up with something so original and cool that I'll win every costume contest in town.

Boyfriend is thinking about being the Terminator dude....With half of his face made up as a robot of some kind. I'd do the makeup of course, after all, I'm the one who's insisting on him having a costume. And this is kind of simple, nothing else really needed. So all the pressure is on me, but I love it.

Party I'm planing to assist to is this Saturday, so I don't have much time...a Witch it will probably be...unless.....is there such a thing as a Terminator girl??? And would she have red hair? Because I just remembered that I've also got a red-head wig...hmmm.

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