Thursday, October 09, 2008

Two Doll Posses in a Relationship

First--I opened my blog on my home computer yesterday and noticed that only my first Doll appeared, if that happens to anyone (Chéri??)--just click on the post's title and the whole thing will open properly.

Now, I was still thinking about the doll theory this morning, and what it would look like, if the parts of ourselves became real life, separate people, especially when they try to form a relationship with someone else...

Friendship--Is kind of easier, some of our dolls click with another girl's (sometimes boy's) dolls. They like to hang out, they just don't fall in love with each other. But it can become very strong, especially if they all like each other. They don't live together, so it eliminated many obstacles.

Failed relationships--That would be when some of the dolls fall in love with some of a guy's....ummm, I don't know....G.I.Joe posse.
Let's say, the Sexy Doll and Nature doll are head over heals for His Sexy Joe and Hippy or intellectual Joe, but the two others have to be locked in their room, and they get mad.
Or...Artist and Silly are free to come out, but they don't feel at ease with the other G.I Joes, so they prefer to stay away. And the relationship can never fully develop.
Or some doll plain just hates one of the G.I.s and it's doomed for the others.

Relationships that are made to last--
This is the hardest one to achieve, but you feel so lucky once you do know it's possible. It's hard! It's like putting ten people or so in the same room and hope for the best. Wish that everyone will get along, even better, fall in love. It doesn't happen often.
In a lasting relationship, every doll and every G.I Joe feels free to come out and socialize. They even love it. They enjoy the company of everyone else. And it's like a big party when everyone knows that they are wanted, loved and accepted.
Cohabitation is a step harder, and sometimes, some of the dolls need time to adapt to being close to so many new Joes all the time. But it can work, when no one is getting pissed or forgotten.
It does work.

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