Friday, January 30, 2009

Ca va me rendre Gambler?

En fin de semaine, faute de quelque chose d'intéressant à faire, Chéri et moi on a décidés que ca serait le bon moment d'aller faire un tour au Casino de Montréal.

En fait, ca fait vraiment un bon bout qu'on parlait d'y aller sans jamais que ca se concrétise.
Mais quand il en a parlé hier, on s'est tout les deux dit que ca serait idéal. Il fait encore froid, c'est le bon temps pour s'enfermer et aller jouer sa paye.

Mais non, je blague, en fait je me suis dit que je partais avec un 20$ de ma poche et advienne que pourras. Si je reviens millionaire Lundi, je donne un 100 aux dix premiers lecteurs à répondre.hihi

Je suis jamais allée au Casino en fait, alors j'ai peut-être une vision plus idéalisée de l'expérience. La seule fois que j'ai joué à une machine à sous, j'avais mis 25 cents et gagné en deux minutes 35$. J'espère être proportionellement chanceuse demain!

Le Switch to French

A few months ago, I tried to make a French version of my lasted a good two days before I deleted it. It just wasn't worth writting two of every post.

But these days, I realise that I kind of miss writting in French, and most of the Blogs I read are French. Except Princess' and I know she's pretty good reading French anyway.

So I'm switching my Blog en Francais for a while, see how it goes.

If I get at least two readers asking me to go back to English, I will, because I know that French people around here speak English anyway.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unexpected reunion

Facebook is awesome!
Because of it, I learned that one of my best friends in highschool was making a party this weekend.
Long story short, we reunited after ten years!
It was very fun, a thematic dinner with morrocan and algerian food and ambiance. Balladi dancing, couscous and mint tea.

Ans she didn't change at all. She's still the same girl I got along so well with, back in the days. Some of the other people I ran into recently, it just didn't click like before, but with Lamia, it's still great. I hope we'll get to see each other more now.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I feel like a celebrity

For those who didn't know, I'm kind of a regular illustrator for Playbooks now.

And I've just finished illustrating the third story of a serie about a time travel machine. This one was about going green and saving the planet, they made it pretty big, recorded a song for it and all.

Now they want to make a DVD about it, and they are asking the writer and the illustrator to answer questions from kids.
So I'm asked to tape myself in a fun, artistic environment and answer questions on camera. Easy questions, like how much time does it take to learn to draw, what material do you use.

And I'm excited about it, I won't hide it. I always had a secret dream, as a kid and even now, to be on TV or be a theater actress or something.
I'm awefully camera shy, but I have a slight envy each time I see a weather girl or reporter on TV.

So this even if it's smaller, is pretty exciting. I've prepared a little scenario already, where I show how I draw a character and stuff like that.

The only problem, is that it has to be done in English....and I'm very very bad at talking English. I've got one horrible accent and I tend to mush words together when I try talk too fast.
I'll update on that....

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Me? Watching a dog movie?Ha!

Most people who know me know that I scoff in the face of dog movies, especially if there are talking dogs. I just can't, I don't really know why. I've been fed up with films like Beethoven and all that serie about a dog being a star of multiple sports. It gives me shivers now, I've had my share.

So my first reaction when I saw the huge stand-up puppy with doe eyes and a red christmas bow round his neck was the same as the one I had when I saw the Twilight poster. Making my best imitation of a squeeling teenage girl who dreams about the day it will come out.
Except that both boyfriend and I knew full well that we would never, ever set foot into that one. And we just laughed it off and forgot about it.

But then, the holidays ended and we realised that we saw most of the interesting movies that came out during that time. (Yeah, we love cinema.)
And it was between that Adam Sandler movie and Marley....The critics were very good for the puppy, so we went, expecting the worst. And it wasn't bad.

Actually it was nothing like I feared, it was more about the couple then the dog, thank god.
And I cried, my god did I cry! We're talking hick-ups and big hot tears and sniveling nose here.
If you want to see me cry, just put me in front of a film where anything sad happens to any animal, and I'm done.
I can see war movies and people dying here and there without flinching, but show me Will Smith off-ing his dog in "I am Legend", and you'll need to pick me off the floor. I can't help but imagine it happen to me and one of my cats.
I knew it would happen when I walked in, and thankfully, I have a boyfriend with a good shoulder to hide my red eyes into. Well at least I'm not cold-hearted.

So all of this to say, I do recommend Marley and Me, loved it.
But don't count on a review for "Hotel for Dogs"...*shiver*

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Here we are...

Holidays are over, a New Year has started.

I haven't blogged a lot, almost didn't read any blog either. I can't wait to catch up.
I hope everyone had a great time, I know I did!

Sliding, skating, food eating, wine and rhum drinking, traveling around and family fun. Spending the holidays as a couple is so different then what I'm used to.
Even the down time at home, doing nothing is cool. Twice the family parties and love. And available cuddles when it's too cold to go out.

Yep, that's right, the Holidays are over, and my Love and I are still very much together, and even more in love, if that's even possible. We're juste basking in the glow of happiness, floating on a cloud, whatever you want to call that feeling.
Started making plans too, we both want to buy a house sooner then later, so we're starting to save money.

Almost one year with him, it goes so fast....and yet it feels like forever.

I won't be a bitch and tell my dear "card reader" that you know, you were SO WRONG, so unbelievably wrong!!!", but I really do hope that she realises the mistake she's made.

But this is a New Year, and I see everything positively. Let's lose a few pounds, save a few dollars and cultivate the love!

Friday, January 02, 2009


Rest in Peace Grandpa.
We were never really close, you made me mad a few times, but you were a good man and had a great, long life.
Stubborn but entertaining, sometimes obnoxious but a great business man and builder. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even be here today.

You had a long life and wanted to go, so it's sad but relieving at the same time.

Sorry I didn't get married while you were alive, you told me often that it was your wish to see that happen. But I promise that when and if I do, I will think of you.
And I'm pretty sure that if what you believed is true, you will see me anyway, from a better place.
You know that I've got the right man one way or the other.