Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cat's Dress/Skirt Thursday

A few weeks ago, Cat from Princess in Galoshes

instigated a special revolutionary day because we Ladies seem to have forgotten the art and pleasure of skirt wearing, especially a work.

And nothing says femininity and pretty like something that no man, unless they are Irish and very traditional can wear.

The Revolution is here! Dress Thursday!

The verdict from people at work was unanimous, I am Cinderella! Never mind that my "dress" is brown and unflattering, and that I wear striped tights, today I am a Princess. And that is why I love working at a daycare! Kids, they always notice when you put on a green ribbon or anything uncommon. It becomes the event of the day.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hello Ya'll! And a slightly late Happy Easter.

I'm not dead, fear not! The cats did not eat me in my sleep.
Just really busy and lacking anything interesting to say.

Will be back soon enough, because from experience, I can't go too long without sharing meaningless thoughts with the world.

Meanwhile lets all wish that Spring will actually come this year, and that Global warming hasn't finally come and brought perpetual Winter upon us in Quebec. It sure looks like a possibility....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Miss Phoebe!!

A while ago, they showed reruns of Friends at supper time, so I always had my daily episodes to watch on week days.

Now they don't anymore, and I realise that unlike most people, I didn't watch to root for Rachel and Ross (a pretty boring couple if you ask me), or to be amazed by Rachel's many hairstyles. What I loved was the amazingly original decor and wild colors of the girl's apartement....and of course....Phoebe! God that girl was entertaining.

Reasons why Phoebe Buffay is Hot:

She writes and sings songs with titles like: "Smelly Cat", "Sue, Sue, Suicide", and "Ode to a pubic Hair".

Some of those in front of an audience of kids, thus earning herself the title of the Lady who sings about the Truth.

When allowed to change her name to anything, she comes up with the super classy: Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

Refuses to eat "Food with a Face".

Doesn't believe in Gravity.

Talks to inanimate things and to dead people (either looking up or down according to where she guesses they ended up.)

Still seems to believe in Karma and Reincarnation.

When she is working out, she runs the only way it's when she was a kid and running away from Satan (the neighbor's dog). Arms flailing around wildly.

She creates truly nightmarish paintings/sculptures featuring mutilated, half-crawled out of their frame recycled dolls and babies, and she thinks they are beautiful yet they terrorize her friends.

She was a homeless kid by the age of 14 and never went to college, but she met with a small group regularly behind a dumpster to learn French.

And those are only a few reasons....I really need to go buy those DVDs now that they are out...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Torn about St-Patrick...

For every holiday, I try to find the origins of the celebration....usually, they all come from some obscure and cool pagan tradition. But for St-Patrick's Day, one of the days I like the most...I found nothing! This is truly a 100% Christian holiday. Shocking!

And it's not pretty either, it commemorates how that Saint Patrick man converted or drove out all the pagans of Ireland. That is sad in itself, because Ireland was and still is such a mythical and magical place. The people really do believe in the fae world and in leprechauns even though most Irish are now Catholics.

So I'm kind of might be the only day that I dislike the origins of, because it kind of celebrates religious intolerance...yet I DO like what time did to it, I like the modern version better. I like the idea of green everything, parade, leprechauns and shamrocks. Look what they do to their river in Chicago! Crazy!! You learn something new every year....

Happy Shamrock Day!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tricot Machine!

Oh! I'm so excited! I got two tickets to their show in April!

The first one was sold out, but I got two of the last tickets for the next one! weeeeee!!! A pretty little intimate Bistro-like will be so fun. And I'm going with my love of course.

I LOVE Tricot Machine!

They are so original and cute and ordinary. You feel like they could be the cute couple living next door.

In fact they became my "model couple" that I look up to when I need to be convinced that real, honest love does exist. They seem so into each other. And most of their songs are about relationships, simple pleasures...and winter. What's different though, is the way they do their songs. They are kind of childlike and innocent, but often with powerful meanings hidden under the flashy colors and cheesy lyrics.
They are the ones who wrote The Mitains song, by the way.

To discover Tricot Machine and see a few of their is their MySpace

Thursday, March 06, 2008

You have GOT to be kidding me

Good god, what is that?!

Is this really serious? For real??!
Some toy designer somewhere thought this was a perfectly fine shape for a child's Toy...and no one else involved in the making of this thing SAW what I see???
Is my mind just very dirty?
Oh Dora.....and I thought the Bratz dolls where bad....