Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tricot Machine!

Oh! I'm so excited! I got two tickets to their show in April!

The first one was sold out, but I got two of the last tickets for the next one! weeeeee!!! A pretty little intimate Bistro-like will be so fun. And I'm going with my love of course.

I LOVE Tricot Machine!

They are so original and cute and ordinary. You feel like they could be the cute couple living next door.

In fact they became my "model couple" that I look up to when I need to be convinced that real, honest love does exist. They seem so into each other. And most of their songs are about relationships, simple pleasures...and winter. What's different though, is the way they do their songs. They are kind of childlike and innocent, but often with powerful meanings hidden under the flashy colors and cheesy lyrics.
They are the ones who wrote The Mitains song, by the way.

To discover Tricot Machine and see a few of their is their MySpace


vive pepe said...

they look like if their shower is broke...

Lily said...

This coming from YOU???!lol
I actually think that the guy has your hairstyle, both on the head and face, mister!

mr.mister said...

Hummm you better check my pictures... My hairs are clean,my beard is clean,my clothes are clean and they don't come from:Original au coton. LOLLLLLLLLLLL

Lily said...

They look as clean as any of us to me!
And their clothes are probably from some pro-ecologic shop and made from organically grown cotton, from what I read about them.;)
Anyway, I should know better by now then to argue with you about my musical likings.LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

pourquoi on s'obstine en anglais?!! LOLLLL