Monday, March 17, 2008

Torn about St-Patrick...

For every holiday, I try to find the origins of the celebration....usually, they all come from some obscure and cool pagan tradition. But for St-Patrick's Day, one of the days I like the most...I found nothing! This is truly a 100% Christian holiday. Shocking!

And it's not pretty either, it commemorates how that Saint Patrick man converted or drove out all the pagans of Ireland. That is sad in itself, because Ireland was and still is such a mythical and magical place. The people really do believe in the fae world and in leprechauns even though most Irish are now Catholics.

So I'm kind of might be the only day that I dislike the origins of, because it kind of celebrates religious intolerance...yet I DO like what time did to it, I like the modern version better. I like the idea of green everything, parade, leprechauns and shamrocks. Look what they do to their river in Chicago! Crazy!! You learn something new every year....

Happy Shamrock Day!!!

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