Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hello Ya'll! And a slightly late Happy Easter.

I'm not dead, fear not! The cats did not eat me in my sleep.
Just really busy and lacking anything interesting to say.

Will be back soon enough, because from experience, I can't go too long without sharing meaningless thoughts with the world.

Meanwhile lets all wish that Spring will actually come this year, and that Global warming hasn't finally come and brought perpetual Winter upon us in Quebec. It sure looks like a possibility....


Leader the cat said...

hi. my name is leader. did i look like a different master to you. (from under the bed)

Lily said...

Well hello Leader.:)
Feel free to come out anytime you wish!
Glad to have you on my blog. cats are welcome.;)

Princess in Galoshes said...

Welcome back! Silly boys, taking up so much of our time. ;-)

leader the cat said...

it's night time! woohoo! looking for my friends. where are my friends? i sniff them in the wind.