Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Ever since I was aware of her, I've always thought that Helena Bonham Carter had a wonderful and funky sense of style. (Not to mention her awesome hair!)

So I got very excited when I read that she has created, along with another designer woman, her own line of clothes. I think they are supposed to be fancy lingerie, but there are jeans too.
Look it up, because I can't put every picture on here. (It's called Pantaloonies)

But wow! It's so beautiful, it's a happy mix between modern and Victorian, with laces and delicate materials and beads... I know I probably wouldn't be able to afford even a piece, especially since they probably are sold in England only...but it does make me want to go back to my own attempt at design. This is absolutely the sort of clothes I'd want to do.
I'll keep updating about that. Well, if I *do* finish something.

HBC will be Bellatrix Lestrange

And isn't that the most awesome movie news in a while!
Helena Bonham Carter should be in more movies, she is a goddess. Love her eccentricity, her talent, and her classic was the Corpse Bride!

So for those of you who don't know, Bellatrix Lestrange is a character in the next Harry Potter movie. A villain, and the name alone leaves no doubt about it, even if you don't know anything about her. And while I never really liked the woman in the books, she has instantly become one of my favorites now that I know who they have chosen to play her.
Now she's practically the biggest reason why I can't wait to see Order of the Phoenix. (Her and Luna Lovegood of course.)

Hurray for Helena! (Oh, and did you all know that she came up with a fashion line?! Will talk about it later)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Introverts VS Extroverts

I always suspected that I was some kind of Introvert person. It would explain a lot of stuff. I just didn't know exactly what in Introvert and an Extrovert was. And then I found this:

"Do you know someone who needs hours alone everyday?
Well then you probably have an introvert on your hands. Introverts are hugely misunderstood.
Extroverts are highly energized by people and wilt or fade when alone. They often seem bored by themselves; leave an extrovert alone for two minutes and they’ll be reaching for their cell phone. Introverts on the other hand, after being socially “on” for a few hours need time to recharge by being alone.

Introverts are usually seen as shy, this is not true. Shyness means being anxious or frightened or disapprove of one’s self. This is rarely the case with introverts. Introverts are often seen as arrogant, this is usually because of our lack of small talk, which to extroverts means; I don’t like you. Introverts make up approximately 25% of the population. However, Introverts are a minority in the general population, but a majority in the gifted population.

Extroverts tend to think by talking, whereas introverts think before they talk. The original meanings of the words invented by Carl Jung in the late 20’s are;

Extrovert – finds meaning outside themselves.
Introvert – finds meaning within themselves.

Extroverts are highly unlikely to understand introverts. All you have to do is look at the words used to describe introverts; guarded, loner, reserved, self-contained, private and narrow. These are all ungenerous words that suggest a narrow personality.
For introverts, to be alone with our thoughts is as restorative as sleeping and as nourishing as eating.

So what to do with an introvert? First recognize that it’s not a choice, it’s not a lifestyle, and it’s an orientation. Second, when you see an introvert in deep thought, don’t ask them what’s wrong? Or, are you alright? Third don’t say anything else either. "

So, my introvert friends.....Isn't that illuminating? And here I thought I was asocial and not totally normal because I needed alone time so much. It just feels great that I now have a name to put on it.
Most of it is so very true. Especially the part about needing alone time like other people need sleeping and eating. And even more after being "socially ON" for a few hours. It also explains a very weird phenomenon that I've been noticing lately....You'd think that 8 hours of sleep at night would make me ready to being social in the morning....but sometimes I'm really not in the mood the meet people at all, even less talk, and I wish I could be alone a bit longer. And *that* happens mostly when I've been dreaming a lot. Isn't it strange? My brain considers dream-socializing just as draining as the real thing....

Friday, September 15, 2006

Mystery of the Wavin' Strangers

Don't know about everyone else....but I was under the impression that a wave of the hand was reserved for people you actually know or at least talked to once. I mean, I realize that I'm an introvert and maybe I'm just socially challenged too, but....say you see a stranger, and you like how they look, and they seem like a nice person, surely, you smile at them, you make eye contact...but I'm pretty sure you don't wave your hand. Right?

So, this happened to me twice in the last 12 hours. I'm on the street, minding my own business and I see a guy in a car go out of his way to wave in my direction. (And no, there is no-one standing behind me, I checked.) Twice. And pretty sure it was different people both times. Also very sure it wasn't anyone I knew, even from way back. I remember faces.

The strange events took place last night as I came home from a long day at work, and this morning as a was running not to miss my bus. So if anyone who knows me and I didn't recognize waved at me in the last 12 hours, please contact me, I'm still scratching my head over this one.

I can only assume that when I look pasty, generally tired and disheveled, I become the total look-alike of a girl somewhere, that knows lots of guys who drive trucks.... And that, is a very disturbing thought.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Paper Coffee is gross

Now, I'm not complaining....Merely wondering, because it's happened to me twice in a short period of time.
Why does coffee sometimes tastes like paper? I would expect this from myself, because coffee-making is still a mystery of life to me and everyone knows I never managed to make a decent cup of coffee. (Must be why I'm so into tea, it's just easier.) And this is why I go to coffee shops when I feel like having one, unfortunately, it seems even them can't avoid messing something up. I won't name names, because I'm not a bitch, and it was probably a new one, and I know how hard it is to start a new job...but blah! I still have the paper taste in my mouth.

Is it the filter? Could something be wrong with it? Maybe it's the paper cup? So that wouldn't be any one's fault but mine for choosing a cup. And how should I know anyway what paper tastes like? Well admit it, I 'm sure I can't be the only one who was so bored in school that I just *had*, even if only once, to chew a small piece of paper and stick it under my desk...or for the more adventurous, on the ceiling. I know many did it, the textured white spots up there didn't just appear by themselves. So we all know what paper tastes probably the blue ink they use to line the paper, too...and the little pink erasers at the top of pencils....and liquid glue...anyway!

Hmmm...are teabags made of paper too? I never had a tea that tasted like paper....

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Laundry-Room Inflation....

No, it seems it's no only rent-prices that can go up, the Laundry-machine also wants more of my quarters. And I don't mind really, I'm not that cheap, I know they must cost pretty expensive to run and everything.
What slightly bugs me is that.....
Coming home from work, feeling rather tired but still good. For some reason, I like doing laundry and house-keeping work, makes me feel all grown up and responsible. And everything is so beautiful and clean when it's done. hehe. "No, Don't disturb me, please. I'm occupied doing laundry, yes, and then I need to clean the windows and dishes, aren't I very mature and busy?"

Anyway, walking out the apartment door very smugly, with laundry basket in one arm, soap and carefully chosen quarters and dollar in the other. I'm not saying that walking a corridor, balancing to push three doors and climbing down two levels of steps is difficult, I happen to like roaming around the building. But keep in mind I've got my arms full. But it's know...aerobics...good heart-health and all.

So I finally drop everything in front of one of the Laundry-machines, very happy that one of them is still free, and most importantly, doesn't contain cold, wet, foreign, forgotten clothes in it. This happens frustratingly often in shared laundry-rooms, even if we've got only two of them.
But then my eyes travel to the slot where I need to put exactly one loony and three quarters. I frown. The sticker has changed. It now is a red 2$ sign glaring at me. It looks all proud and demanding. And I groan. Okay, I only have 1.75$. There are other quarters upstairs, but now I'm torn between carrying everything back up with me or leaving it all there and run for it. First option, I risk someone coming in and taking over my precious machine, it has happened before. Second one...well...who knows, some weirdo could come in while I'm upstairs and steal a pair of panties or something. Yeah, the ideas you can get sometimes....

But I still decide on second option. (Hopefully, they will take-off with lacy black panties!) So I leave everything there, run upstairs, open door, pick quarter, get out, groan, chase Timine around the corridor, take him back inside, close door, sprint downstairs. Phew! Nobody there, panties seem to be all intact too. Then, out of breath, I try to put the money in....and realize it won't take quarters anymore...only dollars....*rolls eyes*

Friday, September 01, 2006

Sexy Scents

Well it seems like I just can't shut up tonight!
I feel the need to chronicle what I've been up to these last days. Yes, I've been circling the perfume departments again. Only this time, the men section got me curious. I'm really not a fan of masculine fragrances usually. I've had a few bad experiences of one or two that smelled like...well lets say very strong or plain funky. (*cough* Neige for Men *cough*)

Seems I've been a lucky girl lately, because I think I discovered in the same evening the hidden Grails of male fragrances.
Burberry Brit for Men and Guerlain Vetiver. Good lord! Incredible. They make me want to buy bottles of those for myself. Yes, they are that good! Even for women!
Vetiver,'s hard to describe. It smells like camping. Sexy camping! Can't get better then that. It smells like trees and campfires and wildness. And, I think, slightly of tobacco, and while I'm so not a cigarette fan at all, in a perfume, that plant smells incredible. I can only imagine what that green liquid would turn like on someone! Woo!

(*Update*---I'm taking back my praise of Burberry Brit for Men! Today, I came to the realization that it was actually the "for women" kind that I had smelled and loved. The bottles are so alike.....And now my left wrist smells like a mixture of patchouli and brown sugar. Which normally isn't an horribly bad thing, but it's just strange that the male version of a perfume is more sugary then the girls...still love Vetiver though.)


Alright! Look I'm being more literate! I'm actually trying to improve my way with words by reading more of those things they call books!
Okay, I have no excuse, I've been reading like a crazy person for the last few years. Inkheart is actually pretty light reading, considering the bricks I've got in my bookshelves.

I kind of feel like an ignorant person to never have heard about this apparently classic Trilogy of Ink before! I first heard of it when they announced a movie was being made out of it. Of course, it always comes back to my movie-love. So I wanted to read that one before I saw the movie. I'm a bit sceptic about Brendan (George of the Jungle) Frazer being the main character, but I guess since the author said he was her no1 choice, it should be good. Also, lets not forget, Paul Bettany is said to be casted in there too, which is always a positive thing.

So I went on a quest for that book, and found it nowhere! So much for classic novels. I did find it at the local library, I guess that's positive, didn't need to shell out 30$ to read it. I was very surprised at how worned it looked! Seems like very many kids read it, I've never seen a book so torn. They almost didn't let me take it out, wanted to tape it up or something, but I wouldn't leave without it.

It's surprisingly good, for a teen book. Some characters are lame, but others are very well developed. It's very creative and should make a good movie. It's even kind of addicting, and I guess I'll spend another Friday night reading on a sofa with a good hot tea. Getting kind of used to it.

Feeling very positive and happy these days. I think I should point it out. We should always appreciate the good, if you don't, it attracts shit. Karma is like that, I guess.