Friday, September 01, 2006

Sexy Scents

Well it seems like I just can't shut up tonight!
I feel the need to chronicle what I've been up to these last days. Yes, I've been circling the perfume departments again. Only this time, the men section got me curious. I'm really not a fan of masculine fragrances usually. I've had a few bad experiences of one or two that smelled like...well lets say very strong or plain funky. (*cough* Neige for Men *cough*)

Seems I've been a lucky girl lately, because I think I discovered in the same evening the hidden Grails of male fragrances.
Burberry Brit for Men and Guerlain Vetiver. Good lord! Incredible. They make me want to buy bottles of those for myself. Yes, they are that good! Even for women!
Vetiver,'s hard to describe. It smells like camping. Sexy camping! Can't get better then that. It smells like trees and campfires and wildness. And, I think, slightly of tobacco, and while I'm so not a cigarette fan at all, in a perfume, that plant smells incredible. I can only imagine what that green liquid would turn like on someone! Woo!

(*Update*---I'm taking back my praise of Burberry Brit for Men! Today, I came to the realization that it was actually the "for women" kind that I had smelled and loved. The bottles are so alike.....And now my left wrist smells like a mixture of patchouli and brown sugar. Which normally isn't an horribly bad thing, but it's just strange that the male version of a perfume is more sugary then the girls...still love Vetiver though.)

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