Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Ever since I was aware of her, I've always thought that Helena Bonham Carter had a wonderful and funky sense of style. (Not to mention her awesome hair!)

So I got very excited when I read that she has created, along with another designer woman, her own line of clothes. I think they are supposed to be fancy lingerie, but there are jeans too.
Look it up, because I can't put every picture on here. (It's called Pantaloonies)

But wow! It's so beautiful, it's a happy mix between modern and Victorian, with laces and delicate materials and beads... I know I probably wouldn't be able to afford even a piece, especially since they probably are sold in England only...but it does make me want to go back to my own attempt at design. This is absolutely the sort of clothes I'd want to do.
I'll keep updating about that. Well, if I *do* finish something.

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