Friday, June 29, 2007

All Grown up!

Well, time is flying by!

I remember the day I went and saw the first Harry Potter movie like it was yesterday...when those kids were so tiny and cute.

And now some people are starting to call them hotties!

I can't wait to see the fifth movie...look at those kids! The girl they picked for Luna Lovegood is all kinds of awesome. I would never have the balls to dress like that for a big movie premiere. But there she is, looking all proud and happy in those baggy pants and shoes. I wonder if this is all her real hair....If so, I am disgustingly jealous.
Emma is looking like a lady! Wow! Love the dress! Great color (olive green, my favorite), great cut!
I know some people are going to hate me...but....hmmm, I can't understand all the drooling going on for the boys....I mean, Ron has his charms, red hair is hot, pretty sleepy eyes, humor....but Harry? I honestly don't see it....

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Celebrity Anagrams...

Yep, I was bored...but some of those are eeeeerie....

Alanis Morissette------It's nasal, tiresome. (I would have to disagree!)
Christina Aguilera -----Agile haircuts rain
Angelina Jolie----------I join anal glee (*coughcough*)
Britney Spears---------Best PR in years (lol)
Tom Cruise------------I'm so cuter
Tori Amos-------------I'm a torso (This is just so random, I couldn't stop laughing!lol)
Paul Bettany-----------Beauty! Plant (I'd say: Beauty. Man.)
Helena Bonham Carter-No real charm beneath?
Ewan McGregor--------Now. Grace germ
Nicole Kidman---------A demonic link (I knew it!!lol)
Paris Hilton------------In his patrol (Hmmmmm....)
Kate Winslet-----------New tits leak (woah!lol)
Justin Timberlake-----I'm a jerk, but listen (Bwa-hahahaha!)
Nelly Furtado---------Artfully done (100% agree!)
Marylin Monroe------In lore, my Norma (Wasn't her real name Norma???)
Marylin Manson------Many sin normal
Pamela Anderson-----Darn a-ample ones (Well darn!!lol)

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Since I read The Da Vinci Code, I've been fascinated by anagrams. But unlike Sophie Neveu and Robert Langdon, I am no good at creating or resolving them.

Then I found this site:

Turns out that my name (Liliane Grenier) is a perfect anagram for Linear Lingerie. How cool. I'm having difficulty to imagine what *that* would look like, but the idea sounds cool enough. I would no doubt buy Linear Lingerie....

Liliane-Nail lie (!) Hmmm, cryptic!

Hours of fun await.....

In the Springtime of the Year....

Just wanted to share a pretty picture I found today....

It's the kid at our daycare, welcoming Spring and dancing around the Maypole on Beltane.

Aren't they adorable? I hope they will remember the fun and keep up celebrating the changes of season when they are older.

Faces are blurred for Internet safety, of course. (But they are all smiles under that!)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A new project

Well, it's not breaking news, but I'm tired of seeing that picture of my hair when I check out my blog....
And, wow, it's practically been half a moon that I didn't write an entry! (Thank you, Current Moon Phase Indicator!)

Well, what's new? I got a little drawing job-ette. Which is very cool, I'm going to decorate some blackboard menus for an ice-cream shop. Gelato, fun!

Also, I'm trying to avoid my gentle stalker at all costs. I think I'm doing well, he hasn't been able to talk to me again....and spying on me is kept at a minimal, because I try to not stand where I can be clearly seen by him. Yeah, he is still sitting on his balcony, looking in my general direction. How weird....But I'm hoping he will tire of this little game. I'm a patient women, and it's not like I used to bake myself in the sun anyway.

Cats are feeling nice, but hot.

There is a new movie with Audrey Tautou coming out Friday! I must see it. How I love this actress. She looks and sounds just like a Pixy!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Update 2

Taking a break from freaking about stalker to report on hair's progress with shampoo detox!

Nothing bad to say about it! It's even raining today and hair still looks nice. Excellent!

One thing though...I just learned that I will have to change my beloved Herbal Essence Gel...the company is still making animal tests, and in our modern times, that's not acceptable to me. Will start to hunt for cruelty-free products this afternoon.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Well now, I don't like to be alarmist...

But he freaking came running behind me this afternoon when I was walking *with my little brothers* to give me a bouquet of 3 red roses! Holy everything! I just wish I will wake up tomorrow and realise that this is all a freak dream.

I loathe the whole situation to bits. I told him clearly again that there was going to be nothing at all but friendship, and he said he knew, with a kind smile. And I got this sinking feeling in my stomach that sadly, he probably takes this as a challenge.

This is bad Karma...what did I do wrong?

Oh my God! He hit on me!

OKay. That was way strange.

For the very first time ever, a random man hit on me. I'm so not used to that. And I'm so not looking for this.
I was walking towards the little park near where I live, and suddenly, this man appears from nowhere amongst the trees and says hi. He's being polite and I don't get bad vibes, so I chat back, and he asks to walk with me.
Turns out he's the guy living in front of my apartment. I would guess he is about 40. I've seen him play guitar a few times, but that's about it.

Oh my god, he admitted he has been watching me for a long time. And nicely starts to enumerate his qualities as a boyfriend. Says how pretty I am, how he like my hair, etc. Never. In.My.Life. someone came up to me like that. Shit! And I told him I didn't want a boyfriend, but he kept saying that he is different, trying to hold my hand, saying he respects me, even to hug me when we came back around.

I'm slightly freaked now. Hence this post. And even though he seems sincere and non-threatening, I seriously hope I didn't create myself a stalker. There is 0% chance I would go out with him. But I feel like my liberty to go take a walk by myself is now at stake. How will I get out if this? I didn't need this.