Saturday, June 02, 2007

Oh my God! He hit on me!

OKay. That was way strange.

For the very first time ever, a random man hit on me. I'm so not used to that. And I'm so not looking for this.
I was walking towards the little park near where I live, and suddenly, this man appears from nowhere amongst the trees and says hi. He's being polite and I don't get bad vibes, so I chat back, and he asks to walk with me.
Turns out he's the guy living in front of my apartment. I would guess he is about 40. I've seen him play guitar a few times, but that's about it.

Oh my god, he admitted he has been watching me for a long time. And nicely starts to enumerate his qualities as a boyfriend. Says how pretty I am, how he like my hair, etc. Never. In.My.Life. someone came up to me like that. Shit! And I told him I didn't want a boyfriend, but he kept saying that he is different, trying to hold my hand, saying he respects me, even to hug me when we came back around.

I'm slightly freaked now. Hence this post. And even though he seems sincere and non-threatening, I seriously hope I didn't create myself a stalker. There is 0% chance I would go out with him. But I feel like my liberty to go take a walk by myself is now at stake. How will I get out if this? I didn't need this.

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