Saturday, June 23, 2007

Celebrity Anagrams...

Yep, I was bored...but some of those are eeeeerie....

Alanis Morissette------It's nasal, tiresome. (I would have to disagree!)
Christina Aguilera -----Agile haircuts rain
Angelina Jolie----------I join anal glee (*coughcough*)
Britney Spears---------Best PR in years (lol)
Tom Cruise------------I'm so cuter
Tori Amos-------------I'm a torso (This is just so random, I couldn't stop laughing!lol)
Paul Bettany-----------Beauty! Plant (I'd say: Beauty. Man.)
Helena Bonham Carter-No real charm beneath?
Ewan McGregor--------Now. Grace germ
Nicole Kidman---------A demonic link (I knew it!!lol)
Paris Hilton------------In his patrol (Hmmmmm....)
Kate Winslet-----------New tits leak (woah!lol)
Justin Timberlake-----I'm a jerk, but listen (Bwa-hahahaha!)
Nelly Furtado---------Artfully done (100% agree!)
Marylin Monroe------In lore, my Norma (Wasn't her real name Norma???)
Marylin Manson------Many sin normal
Pamela Anderson-----Darn a-ample ones (Well darn!!lol)

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Princess in Galoshes said...

You missed George Clooney, aka Energy, Cool Ego