Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Laundry day....

For most people, laundry day happens when they have nothing to wear but grandma panties.

For me, it happens when I realise with horror that the only pair left in my drawer is the black, lacy, sexy one.
It then downs on me that I will have to spend the day taking care of children, painting with my hands and playing outside while picking the scratchy piece of garment out of my butt.

The good thing with being single is that you can wear comfortable underwear without worrying about how it looks. Don't get me wrong I own no such thing as granny panties. Colorful, stylish and soft is my motto. But never am I going to wear this unexplainable invention they call a thong. Never! I see no point in willingly placing a string in that place. I can't understand how people can tolerate that torture.

And anyway....let's not illusion ourselves, it only looks acceptable on girls with medium-size bubble-butts. With a big-butt, the string disappears and with an overly skinny one it just looks wrong. Also, when you're a male, you just forget it. So it eliminates most of the population already.

Yeah, I may sound frustrated, but this time it can be explained by scratchy panties am forced to wear. No, it's not a thong...it's the kind, you know, between boy cut and thong. Which shows half the butt. And right now, I can't remember for the life of me why I thought buying this crap was a good idea. Never worn it, until this damned day. It scratches, it itches and it rides up. I'm fairly certain I will find lacy flower patterns on myself when I finally get rid of them tonight.

Positive thing is, I won't forget that I have to do the laundry tonight...I will be reminded *all day*. Maybe should buy granny panties....just in case it happens again.

PS. Spilled our entire catnip provision in the living room this morning. And that happened two minutes before I had to go. So cleaned up really quickly and ran out to catch my bus hoping that the remaining herbs scattered around won't drive the cats mad during the course of the day.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

What's wrong with people!!??

...Mother at home
...Mother has 4 years old daughter
...4 years old daughter sick
...4 years old daughter at daycare
....Mother at home