Saturday, March 31, 2007

Behold, the Power of Hestia

Well, here I am, sitting at my computer again, eating cheap chocolate Easter eggs that are still oh so yummy even though they are Da-Cheap.

So let's get to the point....
Since I read Tori Amos talk about Goddess archetypes (in her book, which I really want to read again soon) , I have been very curious about that. How does one go around finding which Goddess out there resembles you the most. Was there even one for me? Because let's face it, I need to forget about huntresses and love-goddesses altogether.

Ideally, I would have loved to find some Celtic Goddess, because of my huge fanaticism for the Celtic culture...But I found the next best thing...this site:

There is a very in dept test over there, go take it!

It turns out that I am more like Hestia, the least known of the Olympian Goddesses, they say. She minds her own businesses, and mostly isn't "Out there".

Here's what they also have to say that pretty much describes me:

"Hestia - possesses an introverted temperament and is focused on her inner, spiritual world. Hestia is an archetype of inner centeredness.

The goddess, Hestia did not take a partner. A Hestia-type woman, today, may prefer to live a more solitary life or live within a community of like-minded, spiritual 'sisters'.

She resists the amorous advances of men, therefore, placing her in the 'virgin' goddess category. (Good Lord! Eeep!) She is independent, autonomous and, focused on her inner spiritual world, she is not seeking a relationship with a man to complete her. Her energy is impersonal and detached. Her awareness is focused.

She is kindly yet distant - she possesses the ability to love impartially

Possible difficulties for a Hestia-type woman in today's world - presenting herself as a 'non-entity', in other words--she has no desire to stand out, and not as a result of her own family or cultural conditioning, rather, by her own conscious choice. (This I need to meditate on...I feel like it could make me understand many things...)

Hestia type lacks assertiveness - she will not speak up - she is out of place in this modern, fast-paced, competitive world.

Hestia type, due to her introverted nature, tends to be undemonstrative with her feelings toward others even though she may care for them.

Hestia types appear to lack outer ambition - she is a home-body and tends to the hearth/the needs of the home.

Seduced by the need for logical reasoning, she will feel compelled to dismiss her keen intuition because she is unable to 'logically explain herself'. (So sad, but so true)

Hestia's wound is more about the fact that she has little place to exist in this society with the current social values on consumerism--'having more', 'gotta-have-it' - which requires increased work hours to enable increased spending, therefore, creating increasingly frantic lifestyle as a result.

Modern women who are less assertive and less intellectual often feel, inwardly, second-rate in our fast-paced, competitive society. A woman exhibiting a quiet presence, following her own internal (rather than externally exhibited) spirituality is, at best, misunderstood and viewed "quirky", or a "loner".

Hestia exhibited an inner strength which rendered Aphrodite unsuccessful in seducing or persuading any love/Eros desire in Hestia - Hestia has strength to resist all that takes her away from her own center.( So *that* explains it!)

Hestia type focuses on her own inner experience/feelings - she is inwardly connected.

Woman in whom Hestia archetype predominates is often a single woman who lives differently from the conventions of society. Her family or married friends who subscribe to "normal" lives may 'pity' her aloneness. However, it is often the unconscious fear of alone-ness--loneliness within the individual that creates the presumption that the Hestia woman is unhappy or pitiable. (Thank you!)

A Hestia woman has cultivated positive aspects of the 'Recluse'--an independent and creative woman, she craves solitude which offers her the sacred space in which she makes contact with her deepest self--the place where she meets spirit."

I think I found my Archetype!

Easter is quickly running our way!

And that means, of course, four amazing-lazy-sparkling days of vacations. But also.....

Easter dinner! And Easter Gifts!

Because I have this compulsion to make every Holiday extra special, now that I am out of that freak cult they call a religion. (I received one of those Jehovah's Ws tracts again, for their celebration of their own little Easter that celebrates the DEATH of Jesus. *rolls eyes*. Yeah, I WILL be going to that again.)

So I'm turning all Martha Stewart this week, I'd really like to spend some time on the gifts instead of buying those very cheaply-looking and baby-like chocolates and sweets at the store.
I know my brothers wouldn't care at all, they would eat anything....but you know, it's just the principle of it....

Oh god, I don't want to end up buying a basket of purple Peeps again!

Friday, March 30, 2007

That's it! I caught a fringe!

Yes, very original of me right?

I mean, if you look at celebrities these days, fringes are very much like a fast-spreading virus.
It seems like everyone is getting one.

But they're so damn cute!

I think I might have been infected by Nelly Furtado...but more probably, it was Tori Amos....
I'm pondering if it makes me look even more like a 10 years old though...that would pretty much kill the effect. Must add red lipstick....

Monday, March 26, 2007

About Sagittarians.....

I'll admit, I find astrology quite fascinating.

Without becoming one of those slightly wacko persons who take every word of it to be 100% accurate, the zodiac and descriptions of it's signs is a very fascinating subject.

Maybe because it's very old....

So I hate to pass judgement according to someones sign...but my God!
I'd like to have a confirmation from someone, somewhere, that not all the people born under the sign of Sagittarius is a promiscuous-womanizer-who-will-likely-cheat-and will never want to be with the same person for too long.

I keep finding cases upon cases that support that little rule. It's sad, because they are mostly excellent and sweet people, if it were not for that women-hunter gene....

Are you out there? Sagittarians who are part of a faithful marriage or relationship? Who have kids? Who don't need to sleep with everything that looks your way? Make me wrong!

Friday, March 23, 2007

More of the Doll Posse!

Tori Amos news!

A picture just came out from Tori's soon to be released album, and it's even greater then the first one with blood on the leg! Yes, it IS possible!

I just love the whole concept of this weird group of dolls. They all have names, and supposedly, their own blogs too. Rumor has it that Tori Amos will impersonate each of the characters on stage when she goes on her next tour.

I can NOT miss that.

My personal favorite is the one sitting on the ground, called Clyde if I remember well. She kind of reminds me of myself....(Click on the pic for a bigger version)

Of course, the one with the chicken is just awesome, you don't even need to ask if I find that she's the coolest, most freaking hot one of the bunch.

Oh, the possibilities...waiting is torture!

The Real Spring!

Yes, it has officially come today.

The calendar told me two days ago that it was in fact, the first day of Spring. But when the sky is grey and menacing, the wind is cold and so strong it's difficult to breathe, it's silent like death and there's still a good feet of fresh snow....even if the day is March the 21th, it is NOT spring in my book.

I'd rather trust Mother Nature on that one, she knows best.

This morning, the sun is shinning, the air is cool and smells sweet, most of the snow has melted, the sky has put it's Easter colors on and the birds are singing and making babies....THERE you go!

Spring has come on the 23th of march this year, whether we like it or not.
(Photo not mine...many thanks to the person who took it, it's beautiful, and expresses just what I feel !)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy St-Patrick's Day! (Weekend)

I've really got no idea why I love St-Patrick so much. But I do!

My adoration of the color green? The fact that for one day, it's okay to go around talking about Leprechauns, wearing a clover pin and using that awesome sparkly green eyeshadow that I can never wear on a normal day?

Maybe.... I don't know. It might be a combination of all those factors that makes the day of the Irish people so cool and celebration-worthy in my mind.

And I always felt that I had at least a bit o' Irish in me....Even though some (older) people in the family would like me to believe that we are all of 100% French descent, I just can't believe that until I see actual proves.

I mean, there are some pretty obvious hints of Irish blood there....we've got freckles, most of us have red/orange tones in our hair, one of my grand-fathers was downright red-haired. Many of both families have tempers not to be messed with..... and they love to drink too. Is that not enough?! Ehehehe

Happy St-Patrick's Day!