Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy St-Patrick's Day! (Weekend)

I've really got no idea why I love St-Patrick so much. But I do!

My adoration of the color green? The fact that for one day, it's okay to go around talking about Leprechauns, wearing a clover pin and using that awesome sparkly green eyeshadow that I can never wear on a normal day?

Maybe.... I don't know. It might be a combination of all those factors that makes the day of the Irish people so cool and celebration-worthy in my mind.

And I always felt that I had at least a bit o' Irish in me....Even though some (older) people in the family would like me to believe that we are all of 100% French descent, I just can't believe that until I see actual proves.

I mean, there are some pretty obvious hints of Irish blood there....we've got freckles, most of us have red/orange tones in our hair, one of my grand-fathers was downright red-haired. Many of both families have tempers not to be messed with..... and they love to drink too. Is that not enough?! Ehehehe

Happy St-Patrick's Day!

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