Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Crazy Goddess is back!

Second great news today! And it took me completely by surprise.
(I have been a very lacking fan, I admit)

My musical red-haired Goddess, Tori Amos, is coming up with a new album this May! She did one a while ago...but it really wasn't her usual fierce style. It was frankly, not her best. (Even her hair had gone more orange then

But now, she seems to be back to her different and vicious views on religion/Jesus/women/society sprinkled with a bit of controversy and craziness. This is the Tori Amos I know and love. The one that won my ears with her rants about Cornflake Girls.

The album will be called "American Doll Posse" (and that alone is so cool , and here is the image they had with the press release...(Note the suburban housewife gone mad look...the Bible in one hand with Shame written in the other, the blood dripping down her left leg...) Oh my! I can't wait for May 1th to come. This will be a very special Beltane!

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