Sunday, February 24, 2008

Une Histoire de Mitaine

J'avais un trou dans l'pouce et j'étais carreautée.
J'me suis r'trouvée dans slush la gratte venais d'passer.
Tu comptais sur cinq doigts et tu étais gauché
Tu es tombé d'une poche sur le trottoir glacé.

J'ai faillis me noyer
Toi te faire écraser
Quand des passants dévoués nous on accroché
Moi sur un parcomètre, expiré mais quand meme...
Pour toi ce fut plus dur, sur un pique de cloture.

C'est juste une p'tite rangaine
A moitié réussit
Une histoire de mitaines plutot mal assorties
Une histoire comme j'les aimes, toute effilochée
Avec un Happy End qui vient tout rattraper.

J'te fesais des tatas de bord en bord d'la rue
Tu fesais ton tarla comme so t'avais rien vu
Une main m'a ramassé en fin d'après-midi
Poursuivant son chemin elle t'as pris toi aussi

Tout mouillés en tapon dans un sac d'épicerie
Laine contre cuir, tu m'as enfin souris
J'ai vu qu't'étais pas con, t'as vu qu'j'étais droitière
On a séchés ensemble sur le calorifère

C'est juste une p'tite rangaine
Plus ou moins réussie
Une histoire de mitaine plutot mal assorties
Une histoire comme j'les aimes, toute effilochée
Avec un Happy End qui vient tout rattraper

Je l'sais que c'est quétaine
Mais c'est l'histoire qui m'vient
L'hiver quand on s'promène pi qu'tu me tient par la main....

-----Tricot Machine

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Warning: Girl talk, guys will be bored.

First of all, I'm on fire!
Seems like I'm in one of those moods when I need to share every little un-important event, detail or thought. I feel awefuly talkative. A Blog is just perfect for that, no one is forced to read really, and those around me are probably very thankful.

I can just imagine myself, during art time at the daycare..."Jeez, I DO wonder if condoms contain catnip...???"
Or at the breakfast restaurant with Sis and Bro-in-Law, "Hey Guys! Look at all the funny faces I can do!!.....Hey! By the way...You know where Valentine's day comes from???"

Anyway, the latest thing that got me thinking and slightly alarmed is what I heard a few mornings ago.
Fake sugar is probably making people more fat then the real stuff. They call it edulcorant in french, the chemical they put in diet cokes and other diet items. The very same stuff I put in my coffee even if it has a slightly nasty taste.
Well apparently, when the taste-buds detect sugar and the body isn't receiving any calories from it, The Body, like it so often does, freaks out. And lord knows how or why, starts to pile on the pounds.
Fuck! Nothing is guilt-free now!
The body has outsmarted us. We will have no choice but to eat the sugar, but cut on it or get overweight.
What's even more frustrating, is that the natural option can't even save us this time. I was often using powder from the Stevia plant, which is pretty much botanical Splenda, with no calories at all.
But the results are the same if what they say is true. Body tastes sugar, Body doesn't get it, Body freaks and fattens. Damnit!!

In other girl-talk news....Oh my god!! I think I'm totally falling in love this time! And it's been
barely two weeks....even though it feels like a much longer time.
I'm all giggly and stumbly and dreamy, like that Fergie song that's always on the radio these days...I feel so lucky.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Also Unafraid of Silly Questions....

I'd like to ask any of you readers who are cat owners....

Do you by any chance, know if preservatives...also known as rubbers (still un-opened of course!)contain some kind of substance, (perhaps catnip???)....that will make a cat suddenly go black-eyed, wild and crazy and all claws out as if you've presented it with a whole package of toy-mice??
Maybe some things will forever be unexplained......

Friday, February 15, 2008

Not Afraid of Ridicule!

I've been reading about character drawing techniques these days, and I came upon something pretty interesting.
Apparently, animators often draw with a mirror nearby, and they use their own facial expressions to render them in a more realistic way on the cartoon's face.

That's simply genius, and I've never done that....I usually go with memory and wild guesses.
So today I took a camera and had a little fun.
Yes, you may laugh!

I totally recommend that activity on a boring day, even if you don't plan on drawing cartoons anytime soon!
It will also help you to engrave in your mind which faces you should absolutely not make while your picture is being taken on other occasions.


---Oh my God!! Friday at last!
----Damnit! I'm eating way too much chocolate and crap these days!
----So sweet, Butterflies are growing each day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Lupercalia in advance!

I want to wish everyone a happy, sexy Lupercalia day! I just love that word....

It's a nice change from boring old, commercialized Valentine's Day.

I'm pointing out the obvious again and being a total Valentine Grinch...but seriously, the stores are chock-full of red and pink cheaperies and waxy-chocolate and it's all been there since Christmas. The amazing volume of everything heart-shaped they put out each year and that people actually pay good money for is bewildering. Those monstruous, giant pink animals that will get sold for a dollar at yards sale this spring...unbeleivable.

I'm honestly wondering when they will start commercializing St-Patrick's day like that?? Now that would be cool. I know I could really enjoy the idea of green and gold everywhere, and Leprechaun and clover merchandise and more shimmery Top hats, Irish Bread.....yep, I don't think I would complain.

Though it might piss off the cunning Irish Faery-folk and then we'd all be in trouble....they'd try to steal our first-borns unless we guess their name....and who wants that, really?

Still, don't you think that Rossetti painting is the sweetest, most romantic thing ever??Why have I never seen this before??

So wether you are single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, vowed to celibacy.... Have a great day filled with Love, we all have someone or something to love and if not, Love yourself damnit! And remember what sexy Christian from Moulin Rouge quoted: "All you need is Love!"

Stuff I didn't Know...

I've been aware for a good while now, that most celebrations and holidays we have today, including the very Christian ones, all have some kind of ancient pagan origin. It's only logical, the pagan traditions were there loooong before the relatively new christian ones. (The reason why I find them so very interesting.)

It's quite entertaining to look around the web and in books and find original significations that most of the times would mortify the religious folk.

Now, we all know about Christmas, called Yule, a time to celebrate the Sun in the middle of Winter (later converted to Son=Jesus=Birth.)
And Easter=Ostara, feast of Eostre, bunny-goddess of Spring and fertility and Re-birth.

But I never thought of looking into Valentine's day. I was satisfied with the story I heard of a priest or monk called Valentine who married two lovers illegaly and got martyred. Is that how it went?? Anyway...this year I got a bit curious, and not surprisingly, February the 14th was celebrated long before any of those "Saints" walked the earth.

Lupercalia---an ancient Roman festival. A Lover's festival actually, that honored the Goddess Juno (or Hera) and the God of Nature Pan.

Cupid, son of Venus is also involved in the tradition of course and is very present even today, doing his thang.

Back then though, there were no silly chocolate box or red roses or, it went straight to the point: On that day, young men and women drew names from a box, and thus picked a sexual partner for the year to come. How simple! And here we are trying to be all romantic and stuff.

I find it so funny that everytime you find something about ancient roman holidays, it's often like...Oh!! Today is the day to honor this or that God/Goddess/Creature, lets eat together, run around naked drinking wine and have lots and lots of crazy, wild sex in the woods!

Those Romans, they sure seemed like a fun-loving nation....almost Hippy in fact.

And to think that the image I had of them was the legions of dead-serious soldiers from the movies....

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Shiny little Ray of Happiness! took way less time then I expected to get over myself and look for, and find.
And now I'm all bubbly, because this is finally something that looks sane, and positive and 100% enjoyable and comfortable.
And I've got a good, warm feeling about it.

A year ago, I had met that great guy...we went out a bit, and it was fun. But at the time, I wasn't ready to let someone in my life, and I got scared and broke it.
I always had him at the back of my mind though...he stuck there, like few people do.

Now more then a year later, we decided to give each other a chance again. It was a great decision...really is. I realise now, that even if I thought past relationships were going really good, I still never felt so at ease being with someone, in conversation or silence. And God is he pretty! And sweet!
Feeling Happy! Butterflies!


So it seems like Nelly Furtado has decided that blonde really is her color!

Can you explain it? I sure can't!

Why would one want to appear older and washep up??

Yes, we all make deplorable mistakes like that in our life...but she is keeping the blonde! It's been on her head for month! Honestly....

(I DO applaud the fact that she still says NO to botox. Bravo!)

Friday, February 08, 2008

More...More, MORE!

There are a few things in life that are so pleasurable that they can only be called orgasmic. Okay...let's make this "Tantric orgasms" even if I'm not completely sure it's the word I'm looking for, ya'll probably know what I mean.
Things that make you go Mmmmmm....that make you feel at peace with the world for a moment. Heaven.
I want to compile a list of those simple pleasures and write it up somewhere in my apartment to always be reminded that life is excellent because those things exist.
Here are those that come to mind, but feel free to add, the more diverse the list, the better. It's always nice to try new things too...

-Taking a hot bath...and not just hot, *burning* hot as in lobster, even if it's totally bad for the skin and all. With bubbles and essential oils? Even better.

-Making and tasting a cup of homemade hot-chocolate. Seeing the dark chocolate pieces melt and disolve in the milk or cream....mmm.

-Listening to a song you really love at full blast and feeling it trough your body.

-Sinking into a fresh-smelling, super comfy bed with lots of heavy blankets and huge pillows after a long day. (Knowing that you don't have to wake up the next day takes it to the next level.)

-Finding when you least expect it, a beautiful piece of clothe that fits perfectly....and is on sale.

-The taste of sweet strawberries dipped into fresh whipped-cream....

...Right , your turn!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Feminine Mystery explained

Men can be fucking complicated to understand, but let's face it girls, we are the Queens of complications. We should try to understand why men get so bewildered and frustrated by some of the things we do, because sometimes, we just don't understand our own behavior. At least I don't.

Let's take the classic "I've got nothing to wear!!!" drama that usually occurs when in a hurry to get somewhere.
We've all been my case, I can be found complaining and moaning in desperation to my cats, and they don't really give a damn and just look at me benevolently like I'm beneath them and their constant state of Zen. But it's so frustrating.
To men it must seem totally insane, because most of the time, our closet is exploding with every dress and shirt and skirt immaginable, and most of them fit pretty well and are perfectly appropriate. Yet....we have nothing to wear! Can't wear *THAT*!!!

So sometimes, when things like that happen...I start to space out and think...but why....why is that so? It's not logic at all....
That's the explanation I came up with....
When we go out. We have a pre-conceived idea of what we want to project. And it's quite precise wether we realize it or not. We get all minded on a particular character, or role or persona we want to be. And it's all done in our mind, but the challenging part is creating it in reality. Finding everything to solve the puzzle. The fabric, the color, the fit, the shoes, the jewelery, the hair....they are all determined in our subconscious, but we don't know them, we must guess. Try many many combinations.

Sometimes we are lucky, or that mystery persona has been created based on a new piece of clothe and life is good. And birds are singing and we feel pretty and perfect.
But sometimes, it remains forever a mystery and we end up crying and putting on anything that is acceptable and feel off for the rest of the day or night.

And that's how, my friends, I explain this mystery.
But you know...maybe it's also simply our mind telling us that we need to go shopping ASAP.