Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Feminine Mystery explained

Men can be fucking complicated to understand, but let's face it girls, we are the Queens of complications. We should try to understand why men get so bewildered and frustrated by some of the things we do, because sometimes, we just don't understand our own behavior. At least I don't.

Let's take the classic "I've got nothing to wear!!!" drama that usually occurs when in a hurry to get somewhere.
We've all been there...in my case, I can be found complaining and moaning in desperation to my cats, and they don't really give a damn and just look at me benevolently like I'm beneath them and their constant state of Zen. But it's so frustrating.
To men it must seem totally insane, because most of the time, our closet is exploding with every dress and shirt and skirt immaginable, and most of them fit pretty well and are perfectly appropriate. Yet....we have nothing to wear! Can't wear *THAT*!!!

So sometimes, when things like that happen...I start to space out and think...but why....why is that so? It's not logic at all....
That's the explanation I came up with....
When we go out. We have a pre-conceived idea of what we want to project. And it's quite precise wether we realize it or not. We get all minded on a particular character, or role or persona we want to be. And it's all done in our mind, but the challenging part is creating it in reality. Finding everything to solve the puzzle. The fabric, the color, the fit, the shoes, the jewelery, the hair....they are all determined in our subconscious, but we don't know them, we must guess. Try many many combinations.

Sometimes we are lucky, or that mystery persona has been created based on a new piece of clothe and life is good. And birds are singing and we feel pretty and perfect.
But sometimes, it remains forever a mystery and we end up crying and putting on anything that is acceptable and feel off for the rest of the day or night.

And that's how, my friends, I explain this mystery.
But you know...maybe it's also simply our mind telling us that we need to go shopping ASAP.

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