Friday, February 15, 2008

Not Afraid of Ridicule!

I've been reading about character drawing techniques these days, and I came upon something pretty interesting.
Apparently, animators often draw with a mirror nearby, and they use their own facial expressions to render them in a more realistic way on the cartoon's face.

That's simply genius, and I've never done that....I usually go with memory and wild guesses.
So today I took a camera and had a little fun.
Yes, you may laugh!

I totally recommend that activity on a boring day, even if you don't plan on drawing cartoons anytime soon!
It will also help you to engrave in your mind which faces you should absolutely not make while your picture is being taken on other occasions.


---Oh my God!! Friday at last!
----Damnit! I'm eating way too much chocolate and crap these days!
----So sweet, Butterflies are growing each day!


Anonymous said...

ai-je besoin de VRAIMENT laisser un commentaire...

Lily said...

Non, les commentaires ne sont pas une obligation, cher monsieur anonyme!;)