Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Warning: Girl talk, guys will be bored.

First of all, I'm on fire!
Seems like I'm in one of those moods when I need to share every little un-important event, detail or thought. I feel awefuly talkative. A Blog is just perfect for that, no one is forced to read really, and those around me are probably very thankful.

I can just imagine myself, during art time at the daycare..."Jeez, I DO wonder if condoms contain catnip...???"
Or at the breakfast restaurant with Sis and Bro-in-Law, "Hey Guys! Look at all the funny faces I can do!!.....Hey! By the way...You know where Valentine's day comes from???"

Anyway, the latest thing that got me thinking and slightly alarmed is what I heard a few mornings ago.
Fake sugar is probably making people more fat then the real stuff. They call it edulcorant in french, the chemical they put in diet cokes and other diet items. The very same stuff I put in my coffee even if it has a slightly nasty taste.
Well apparently, when the taste-buds detect sugar and the body isn't receiving any calories from it, The Body, like it so often does, freaks out. And lord knows how or why, starts to pile on the pounds.
Fuck! Nothing is guilt-free now!
The body has outsmarted us. We will have no choice but to eat the sugar, but cut on it or get overweight.
What's even more frustrating, is that the natural option can't even save us this time. I was often using powder from the Stevia plant, which is pretty much botanical Splenda, with no calories at all.
But the results are the same if what they say is true. Body tastes sugar, Body doesn't get it, Body freaks and fattens. Damnit!!

In other girl-talk news....Oh my god!! I think I'm totally falling in love this time! And it's been
barely two weeks....even though it feels like a much longer time.
I'm all giggly and stumbly and dreamy, like that Fergie song that's always on the radio these days...I feel so lucky.

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