Saturday, March 31, 2007

Easter is quickly running our way!

And that means, of course, four amazing-lazy-sparkling days of vacations. But also.....

Easter dinner! And Easter Gifts!

Because I have this compulsion to make every Holiday extra special, now that I am out of that freak cult they call a religion. (I received one of those Jehovah's Ws tracts again, for their celebration of their own little Easter that celebrates the DEATH of Jesus. *rolls eyes*. Yeah, I WILL be going to that again.)

So I'm turning all Martha Stewart this week, I'd really like to spend some time on the gifts instead of buying those very cheaply-looking and baby-like chocolates and sweets at the store.
I know my brothers wouldn't care at all, they would eat anything....but you know, it's just the principle of it....

Oh god, I don't want to end up buying a basket of purple Peeps again!

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