Friday, March 23, 2007

More of the Doll Posse!

Tori Amos news!

A picture just came out from Tori's soon to be released album, and it's even greater then the first one with blood on the leg! Yes, it IS possible!

I just love the whole concept of this weird group of dolls. They all have names, and supposedly, their own blogs too. Rumor has it that Tori Amos will impersonate each of the characters on stage when she goes on her next tour.

I can NOT miss that.

My personal favorite is the one sitting on the ground, called Clyde if I remember well. She kind of reminds me of myself....(Click on the pic for a bigger version)

Of course, the one with the chicken is just awesome, you don't even need to ask if I find that she's the coolest, most freaking hot one of the bunch.

Oh, the possibilities...waiting is torture!

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