Friday, September 01, 2006


Alright! Look I'm being more literate! I'm actually trying to improve my way with words by reading more of those things they call books!
Okay, I have no excuse, I've been reading like a crazy person for the last few years. Inkheart is actually pretty light reading, considering the bricks I've got in my bookshelves.

I kind of feel like an ignorant person to never have heard about this apparently classic Trilogy of Ink before! I first heard of it when they announced a movie was being made out of it. Of course, it always comes back to my movie-love. So I wanted to read that one before I saw the movie. I'm a bit sceptic about Brendan (George of the Jungle) Frazer being the main character, but I guess since the author said he was her no1 choice, it should be good. Also, lets not forget, Paul Bettany is said to be casted in there too, which is always a positive thing.

So I went on a quest for that book, and found it nowhere! So much for classic novels. I did find it at the local library, I guess that's positive, didn't need to shell out 30$ to read it. I was very surprised at how worned it looked! Seems like very many kids read it, I've never seen a book so torn. They almost didn't let me take it out, wanted to tape it up or something, but I wouldn't leave without it.

It's surprisingly good, for a teen book. Some characters are lame, but others are very well developed. It's very creative and should make a good movie. It's even kind of addicting, and I guess I'll spend another Friday night reading on a sofa with a good hot tea. Getting kind of used to it.

Feeling very positive and happy these days. I think I should point it out. We should always appreciate the good, if you don't, it attracts shit. Karma is like that, I guess.

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