Saturday, September 02, 2006

Laundry-Room Inflation....

No, it seems it's no only rent-prices that can go up, the Laundry-machine also wants more of my quarters. And I don't mind really, I'm not that cheap, I know they must cost pretty expensive to run and everything.
What slightly bugs me is that.....
Coming home from work, feeling rather tired but still good. For some reason, I like doing laundry and house-keeping work, makes me feel all grown up and responsible. And everything is so beautiful and clean when it's done. hehe. "No, Don't disturb me, please. I'm occupied doing laundry, yes, and then I need to clean the windows and dishes, aren't I very mature and busy?"

Anyway, walking out the apartment door very smugly, with laundry basket in one arm, soap and carefully chosen quarters and dollar in the other. I'm not saying that walking a corridor, balancing to push three doors and climbing down two levels of steps is difficult, I happen to like roaming around the building. But keep in mind I've got my arms full. But it's know...aerobics...good heart-health and all.

So I finally drop everything in front of one of the Laundry-machines, very happy that one of them is still free, and most importantly, doesn't contain cold, wet, foreign, forgotten clothes in it. This happens frustratingly often in shared laundry-rooms, even if we've got only two of them.
But then my eyes travel to the slot where I need to put exactly one loony and three quarters. I frown. The sticker has changed. It now is a red 2$ sign glaring at me. It looks all proud and demanding. And I groan. Okay, I only have 1.75$. There are other quarters upstairs, but now I'm torn between carrying everything back up with me or leaving it all there and run for it. First option, I risk someone coming in and taking over my precious machine, it has happened before. Second one...well...who knows, some weirdo could come in while I'm upstairs and steal a pair of panties or something. Yeah, the ideas you can get sometimes....

But I still decide on second option. (Hopefully, they will take-off with lacy black panties!) So I leave everything there, run upstairs, open door, pick quarter, get out, groan, chase Timine around the corridor, take him back inside, close door, sprint downstairs. Phew! Nobody there, panties seem to be all intact too. Then, out of breath, I try to put the money in....and realize it won't take quarters anymore...only dollars....*rolls eyes*

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