Monday, December 11, 2006

Count Down...

Only 5 days before my Christmas Dinner. Panic starting to slowly settled in, mixed with lots of anticipation...I mean, I even spent 30 minutes last weeks unscrewing the door from the second room to use as huge table top. (Because my own little single-girl table sure as hell won't have place for 8 guests.)
I'm so not used to have people over, it's really like the event of the year for me and my cats. 8 people! All at the same time!

Good thing I won't have to prepare all the food, everyone agreed to bring something. All I have to do is make cranberry sauce, Honey-glazed carrots and some kind of hot beverage...mulled-wine or something of the sort. I need to find a great recipe though.... and will probably make little present thingies for guests. What will those be? Chocolate coffee grains? oh my God, I should have thought about that way before today.

The biggest problem now still is...what will decorate the center of my table-door. It needs to be classy, yet organic and traditional-looking to give a bit of ol' Yule spirit. There is so many hard to choose from.
And I want my apartment to look nice and put together as to not give impression to my family that I've turned into some sort of hopeless bachelorette with cats... even if I really am. Ehehehe

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