Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back from my Blogging Coma

I was planning of updating through my three weeks vacations, to talk about New York and all that, but it seems like I just didn't have time. Real life strikes again.

But I had so much fun! New York, Quebec, and many other little pleasant things. I even went blonde (with the use of bleach!) And I'll post a picture as soon as I have access to a camera that hasn't fallen on Madame Tussaud's floor.

So, after many weeks, you would have thought that I'd have plenty to blog about. Afterall, we road a speedboat and the NY Metro, got all of our bike's wheels cut open in a New Jersey Ghetto. Went to Planet Hollywood to eat the best burgers EVER. Walked in Times Square and ate red-velvet muffins from the Magnolia Bakery. (Also gained a good 5 pounds from all that crazy eating out.)

Got caught in the century's thunderstorm in Central Park, and had a hot-chocolate at Starbucks while trying to get dry (under the bathroom's hand-dryer).

Smoked from a carved out apple with Sis and Brother-in-law(and a potato...and a cucumber...), went up the Empire State Building and saw the crappy show that goes with it. BF even helped me to Zen-ise my apartment. (Read: getting rid of the accumulating crap.)

See, many entertaining subjects available....yet the ONE thing that made me worked up enough to log into my that:

Damnit! What the Hell?? I kinda like Madonna...her music anyway, and I think it's great that she is still super in shape and pretty at 50...but ugh! Put on some pants woman!!
This picture is the one I see everywhere around the net these days. And honestly, I find it pretty revolting. (If you don't, make it a closeup)

Alright, she has every right to thrust her muscly, hip-bone-showing-panty-covered crotch in the world face, but I also have to right to say EEEeeeeeWWWwww!

I understand that she might want to show off how buff she is, and that she has most likely a 2% body fat ratio (that 2% being her breasts of course.) I certainly would. But that outfit is just so....NO!
I know she could do much better, still show what she's got and even look younger. Evidence from the same show:

A transparent skirt can do miracles....


Princess in Galoshes said...

Welcome back! I am very jealous of your red velvet muffin. I love red velvet....

Lily said...

Red-Velvet muffins, I found out, ar yummy because they look beautiful. I had heard so much about them, and was kind of confused when I took the first bite, that they tasted just like plain old vanilla muffins. I mean, I thought that pure red color came with some sort of strawberry flavor or something....
It was still excellent, made with real butter and a whipped cream icing...mmmmm.