Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Things are looking up!

They really are!

My first book project is basically over, and it turned out great, woman have been working with is very pleased with pictures and am more then happy.
Even went to party with her, mom, and Janie last Friday night. First party in a long time. Had lots of fun.

Then went to aunt's house for Easter supper last Sunday, was great. Haven't got myself drunk like last time, thank god. Honestly, that was the last thing missing before I truly became Bridget Jones, getting drunk and embarrassing myself and stumbling around at family gatherings. Never again, I had promised myself...and see, Sunday was great!

Even hair is going well. Not that it's growing at all, mind you, but at least it's toned down to an acceptable color, pretty close to natural shade.

Timine is going great, he's going to keep his claws, after all, became quite reasonable. Looks like someone *is* reading my blogs !

Spring is here, yay!

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