Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Ouch! Think I must look like some sort of scratching device or something.
Why else would kitty (ok, it's now official, his name is Timine. Pronounced Tee-mean, which basically means Kitty in lame of me, but it fitted him so well.)
So, why would he scratch the face off of me like that!? I had decided to not have him de-clawed, but he seriously got me rethinking.

Between escalating the fake-tree and climbing up the back of my brand new couch all needle-claws out, he also seems to think it's fun the wake me up at night, pouncing not only on my legs (which is understandable), but also on my innocently sleeping face. I've got two nice scratches on my left cheek to prove it.

And also a few on my hands and four on my thigh. It's getting dangerous, seems like Timine is trying to send me a message here: Call the Vet quick, before you loose an eye girl! It still breaks my heart to have to do that....I'll wait a few weeks to see if things changes as he matures...who knows, if not, the front claws will have to go. Hope you read that, kitty.

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