Thursday, March 10, 2005

No more Pyg...hello Loki

By popular request, new kitty will no longer be called Pyg, short for Pygwillion. As the name has proved to be too complicated to pronounce in it's entirety and to farm-animal sounding when shortened. So I gave up.

Kitty spent yesterday night without a proper name while I looked trough every mythology, history and grimoire I own (All three of them!;P). In a desperate quest to find the perfect original name, for I will *not* have a cat named hairball, puffy, fluffy or any other similar names people like to call their animal.

I came up with a nice long list, some I will keep for future female cats, wouldn't want to effeminate poor kitty by calling him Strega or Gaia. A few names I considered were Callisto (Calli), Spica, Griffin, Moony, Sphynx, Doxy, but I finally ended up picking Loki. After getting the consent of entire family of course. To see if everyone could say it right...

Oooh, am really into redecorating these days. Always happens when am out of money. Finances are not great since sister has moved out, especially because I bought a brand new sofa ensemble while on my non-payed vacations. (Genius idea!) But the sofa is looking great, will get it tomorrow, is totally worth it. And money will come back to me, when it does, apartment will get grand makeover. (Inspired by awesome "Friends" decor) Am starting to draw a list of things needed which won't cost too much. Am all for recycling.

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