Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Oh! The humanity!

Darn it, just when was beginning to be happy with my hair. Scissor-fever is back at full strength.
I had resolved to let hair grow, and dye it black from time to time. Now hair is beginning to go a bit past my ears, it is growing sloooooowly. And I am not a patient girl when it comes to hair growing. I couldn't help but to think that it would accelerate the process to trim them a bit.

Especially since have found my ends to be kind of split, not to say downright horrible-looking yesterday. I had flat-ironed them and so they were angry. Not only that, hair started behaving strangely. Flat at some very inappropriate places and sticking up at odd angles where it made me look like some kind of mad pixie.

Am really glad not to be working in a formal environment, surely would have been fired on account of scaring customers off. The only thing left to do was to tie them up with daycare-available color elastics. Looked like overgrown 4 year old, and didn't help relationship with hair at all.

So yesterday night (after picking up latest Tori CD!!Yay!Beekeeper!!) washed them again and let them do their natural curly thing. It usually looks kind of Frodo-like but obviously more acceptable then previous flat/spiky on the sides look.

Looked fine before I went to bed, and looked fine when I looked in the mirror this morning. But it is not a very good day starter to look at the back of your head and find that you can see scalp.
It seems like curls freaked out from being slept on. Again sticking out and away at certain places and flat at others, revealing bits of scalp. Very traumatic. Had to arrange and pin hair to hide, but very hard to do with short hair and have to consider am wearing a hat to go outside.

So am now seriously thinking of cutting and letting it grow it's natural color. Would save me so much time and energy to stop thinking about right anti color-fading shampoo, right color to die them, bleach, scalp showing and odd pieces of hair sticking out.

But as I want to be reasonable, am giving myself some time to think and will wait till Monday till I cut anything. Will see if hair is only getting through an awkward phase. If not, will go the pixie-cut way. At least will not shave it like I thought before....too extreme, even for me.
Well, enough of the rambling, must go to work...with hideous hair....

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