Thursday, October 27, 2005

Henna can love or hate you

Recently got over my irrational fear of the wonderful natural product that is Henna.

That is, am conscious that it can do horrible things to previously chemically abused hair like mine, but discovered new kind of product, Henna based that is supposed to not turn hair baby-diarrhea-green or tar black and feeling like decomposing noodles.

So the first time I used the stuff, I picked the auburn color, and God! it turned my hair Tori-Goddess like.
Ultra soft and a nice, shiny reddish tint that was supposed to stay 4-5 shampoos. They felt full, incredible, I fell in love with the product. So after a few weeks I tried the Golden light brown one. When I came out of the shower, gave a yelp of terror and starred at the empty box with daggers and accusation in my eyes screaming WHY!? WHY!? I trusted you!!
What was supposed to turn golden brown turned dark reddish brown at the roots and black at the tips. Looked just horrible, was really not ready to go back to bi-colored freak yet.

So I washed 3 times in a row in a desperate attempt to wash the excess color away. Which only served to make the roots even paler and more freakishly noticeable. *sigh* The ends never lightened.
Did the same thing the night after, and it kind of evened out a bit...the tips at the front were still very black so did the first thing that came to my mind and I murdered those treacherous tips.

It was done in a fit of craziness and rage, but still, am now pretty happy with my new bangs. Bangs fit me well.:) I'll just have a few more explanations to give the hair-dresser next time I go for a cut...which is very rare, come to think of it...

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