Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Am a witch this year, yes, a blond and purple witch. No more are the sissy days when I used to dress up as an elf or a faery.

No, Halloween is a holiday of scares and horror, glitters won't do...if you're older then 10, that is. Don't care if girls at daycare dress up as glittery faery princesses. They all will anyway, it's like a tradition. Some girls won't show up as anything else, and the few who express wishes to go as Hermione Granger or the likes face a refusal from obsessive mothers who want their little girly girls to be as pretty and glittery as humanly possible. No way their little precious is gonna dress up in a drab old brown wig and black robe, not even if that's what they want.

Ugh!It feels like Christmas. All the little girls springing around in their pretty dresses. When I have a daughter, she is going to go as anything she damn well wants. Be it a bloody vampire, I will gladly help out to put on fangs. What is wrong with being scary on Halloween? It isn't Disney princesses day!

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