Friday, April 11, 2008

Beware, parents...

Disney is coming out with a series of straight to DVD movies about Tinkerbell and her gang of multi-racial, politically correct fairies. The blue-haired Oriental one, the black one, and perhaps one of the red-heads is supposed to be Irish, who knows. That one in the middle, she even seems to have a pair of legs I can relate to.
So now I know what I will hear about all day long and see in every girl's bags at daycare in a few months.

I'm not complaining really, I think that Tink is hot. I prefer to see Fairies then Bratz as role-models. Those Disney Fairies are pretty cool too, they make it okay to have hips and thighs and small-ish breasts. They seem to have kept the 50's ideal of a woman's figure. It always surprised me how sexy they made Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan movie. With a skirt shorter then what teenagers are wearing today, bare legs, strapless dress and all.
I'm all for mythical creatures, bring the Fae on!

I'm also pretty sure I saw a preview for those movies awhile ago...and they played a song by Loreena McKennitt in it. HA! Maybe I'll be buying a Disney soundtrack soon. Haven't done that in years....

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